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air-conditionerA functional Air Conditioner will not only cool your hot room but will also help in removing excess moisture from the air.

Air cooler is designed to cool air through evaporation. They normally utilize water in order to cool a room.

There are different types available including portable and split designs.

Some of these cooling units can only cool a single room, while large units can cool more than one room.

Compared to fans which usually give a flow effect, an air conditioner will cool the entire room and maintain it at the desired temperature.

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Split Air Conditioner

A split air conditioner usually cools one or two rooms. It has 2 units – the indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit is fitted inside the room where it is normally mounted on the wall or the ceiling.

The outdoor unit is usually fitted outside the room.

Von Hotpoint R22 Split Air Conditioner

von-hotpoint-r22-split-high-wall-unitSplit High Wall Unit
12,000 BTU
Clear and attractive digital display
Follow me cooling
Turbo mode
Auto cleaning
Sleep mode
Easy installation
Remote Controlled

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Armco AAC-18LCR Air Conditioner

armco-aac-18lcr-air-conditioner18,000 BTU
Energy Efficient TOSHIBA Rotary Compressor
Silver Ion Filter
Sleep mode
Unique Quiet design
Perfect for rooms up to 500 square feet
3M piping Kit
Remote Controlled

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Portable Air Coolers

Portable Air Coolers are ideal for small spaces in hot, dry climates. They can be moved from one area to another. They are usually fitted with casters or wheels for easy mobility. No installation costs are required. They do not have a compressor inside and do not consume much energy. They come with built-in water tanks that have to filled with water.

Ramtons RM/385 – 12 Litre Air Cooler Diet

ramtons-rm385-12-litre-air-cooler-dietLarge 12 Liter tank capacity
Digital control panel
Dura-pump technology
System restore function
Full function remote with 7-hour timer
Powerful air throw with auto swing
Ice chamber
Inbuilt remote dock
High efficiency honeycomb pad
Consumes 80 watts* only
For rooms upto 28 m3/1000 ft3

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Ramtons RM/387 100 Liter Air Cooler Storm

ramtons-rm-387-100-liter-air-cooler-stormLarge 100 Liter tank capacity
Attractive LCD panel
Dura-pump technology
Empty water tank alarm
On/Off timer
System restore function
Space saver
Powerful air throw with auto swing
3-side high efficiency honeycomb pads
Powerful fan
Inbuilt remote dock
Strong wheels for mobility
For rooms up to 142 m3/5000 ft3

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Key Features To Look Out For When Buying An Air Cooler & Air Conditioner

Air conditioner BTU

Air conditioners differ in their output. An Air conditioner with higher BTU is usually more efficient.

Maximum Room Size

Air Coolers and Air Conditioners come with different cooling capability appropriate for a certain room size. It is therefore important to check if your preferred unit is designed to work efficiently in the space you intend to use it.

Air Cooler Water Tank Size

Air coolers differ in their water tank sizes. Those with large tanks designed to hold large amount of water will keep the cooler running for a long time.

Remote Control

Air conditioners that come with remote control are easy to use and are also easier to adjust settings.

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