Baby Carrier For Sale & Price In Kenya

A Baby Carrier is a handy accessory that allows you to easily transport your baby when up and about.

You can also use the carrier when indoors to soothe your irritable child.

Since you are able to carry the child close to your body, this helps to promote bonding between you and your child.

These carriers come in a variety of designs, colors and sizes.

Price & Availability

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Features To Look Out For When Buying a Baby Carrier

Recommended Age

Choose the right carrier for the age of your child.

Weight Load

Check the maximum weight load recommended for the carrier to carry in order to determine whether it can accommodate your child’s weight.

Carry Positions

Baby Carriers support different carry positions. Some of them are multi-functional and have been designed to provide varying carry positions such as Back Carry, Face-to-Face, Front Carry, Front Facing and Horizontal.

Comfort Features

Check for comfort features for the baby and the parent. Common comfy features include padded headrest for the child, padded wide adjustable waist belt for lumbar support, adjustable and padded wide chest/shoulder straps for even weight distribution.

Safety Features

Check for safety features such as safety buckles to prevent any accidental opening.

Ease of Use

Choose a carrier that is easy to operate and to unbuckle.

Buy Baby Carriers Here At Kilimall Kenya Ranging From Kshs 960