Baby Clothes For Sale In Nairobi Kenya

There are a wide variety of baby clothes available in the online market in Nairobi Kenya.

You will definitely be able to get the most essential clothes suitable for wear from birth on wards.

These clothes include vests, rompers/bodysuits, pajamas, coats, hats, socks, bibs, diapers and much more.

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Tips When Buying Baby Clothes

Choose breathable and soft fabrics such as cotton that will not irritate baby’s sensitive skin. Fleece clothes are also ideal for warm weather.

Larger sizes last longer.

You can pick gender-neutral colors for newborns, if you intend to have another baby soon.

Pick clothes that are easy to put on and take off. For instance choose those with front openings, snaps at the shoulder and expandable or large necklines.

If possible, avoid buying newborn clothes that have closure mechanisms that may be tricky to handle at night during diaper change. Pick those with press studs that are easier to operate.

Pick clothes that make it easy to change the diapers.

Buy pants that have loose stretchy elastic waistband. Avoid clothes with tight elastic.

Avoid clothes with chocking hazards such as bows, drawstrings, hooks and appliques.

Avoid clothes with dangling loops and threads.

It is important to understand sizing, in order to buy the right size.

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