Baby Shower Gifts, Ideas & Price In Kenya

It is important to pick the best meaningful Baby Shower Gift for your friend, relative or workmate.

You can either pick a gift for her or one for the baby.

When choosing a gift for the mum-to-be, it is advisable to pick an item that will be practical and useful even after the pregnancy period.

When picking an item for the baby, take into consideration the safety and quality issues.

Baby products, breastfeeding accessories and baby clothing make the best gifts.

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Here Is Our Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts 

Breastfeeding Pillow

This breastfeeding pillow will support the mum when nursing the baby.

The pillow will support the back, arms and the baby.

This pillow can be used when breastfeeding, bottle feeding, when propping and during tummy time.

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Baby Carrier

A baby carrier allows mums and dads to soothe, carry and hold their baby.

They provide safety and security for babies, while allowing the parent to continue with their everyday tasks.

The baby can be carried in different positions.

Most of these carriers come with soft headrest to protect baby’s head and a soft pad at the back.

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Baby Stroller

A baby stroller is convenient and a great way to keep the infant well contained, when away from home.

A stroller can be used when visiting the church, shopping mall or during regular walks.

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Baby Hooded Bathrobe

Baby Hooded Bathrobe is an adorable, lovely gift.

It features special soft fabric that is comfortable to the child.

It is suitable for the baby to wear in all seasons.

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Diaper Bag

A diaper bag will hold everything needed when travelling with the baby.

These bags come with multiple compartment to accommodate baby bottles, diapers, towels and much more.

This bag is useful and a great gift to every mum.

Some of these bags are multi-functional and can be used also as casual handbags.

Price Ranges From Kshs 500

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Portable Foldable Crib

This Portable Fold-able Crib will keeping an infant safe and well contained.

It is ideal for an overnight hotel stay, or when visiting a friend’s house and so on.

Most of them are fitted with mosquito nets and zipper closures.

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Fabric Chair Harness

This fabric chair harness will safely anchor the baby in an adult dining chair.

It is recommended for infants aged 6 months to 30 months.

It is portable, lightweight and washable.

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Baby Electric Swing

This baby swing is handy, easy to put together and nice looking.

A baby electric swing comes in handy especially when soothing a grumpy and irritated child.

The swing plugs into the wall and can either swing back and forth or side to side.

The swing is well designed with harnesses, head support, padded seat and so on.

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Baby Washcloths

Baby washcloths are super soft and snuggly for baby’s skin.

They are extra soft and absorbent.

They are affordable and ideal for use from birth.

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Baby Gift Set

Get a gift set comprising of a variety of baby clothes, toys and accessories.

Available in different styles and colors.

Price Ranges From Kshs 1,000

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