Baby Walker For Sale & Price In Kenya

A Baby Walker is a physical aid that helps your child to develop motor skills.

This aid helps your baby to learn, exercise and explore.

They are designed to help your baby make their first steps in a safe and memorable state.

They are ideal for kids aged 6 months and above.

Just like toys, most of them come with bright and eye-catching colors to entice your baby to use it.

They are available in different types. They come in both complex and simple designs.

Price & Availability

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Some of The Features To Look Out For When Buying A Baby Walker

Large Sturdy Wheel Design

Large sturdy wheel design ensures a smooth ride for your child.

Brake Pads

Brake pads at the base helps to stop your child from falling over.

Play tray

A play tray will keep your kid engaged while on-the-move.

Height Adjustable Frame

A height adjustable frame accommodates the growing needs of your baby.

Padded Seat

A deep padded seat provides full back support for extra safety. Some of the padded seats are removable for easy cleaning.

Safety Straps and Buckles

Safety straps and buckles are required to keep the baby safe in the seat.

Wide Base

A wide base helps the walker to be stable and prevents your baby from toppling over.

Foldable Design

Allows for a folded down compact design for storage and transportation.

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