Barcode Scanner Reader For Sale & Price In Kenya

barcode-scannerBarcode Scanners are designed to scan, read, interpret the barcode and then transmit the information to a computer or to an internal memory.

They are available in different sizes, prices and types.

These scanners can be used in industrial and retail platforms such as bookstores, groceries, warehouses, boutiques, hospitals, supermarkets among other areas.

Most of the Barcode readers use image sensor or laser type of technology.

Price & Availability

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Types Of Barcode Readers Available

Different types of barcodes available in the market include hand-held designs, hands-free stationary types and mobile computers.

Hand-Held Scanners

Handheld scanners are portable and simple to use. They use image or laser-based technology. They come with pistol-like grip. They offer point-and-shoot scanning simplicity.

They are able to read barcodes off Smartphone screens, including barcodes that are damaged or poorly printed. They offer automatic or manual triggering.

Some of these hand-held scanners use wireless technology utilizing Bluetooth, WIFI or radio frequency communication. These wireless scanners are cordless and ideal for reducing cable clutter in your work area.

There are hand-held scanners designed to mount on a stand so as to offer hands-free operation.

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Hands-Free Scanners

Hands-Free Scanners are usually mounted in a counter-top or table top. They are designed to offer trigger-less operation and normally come with large scanning area. Most of them are Omnidirectional type of scanners.

Omnidirectional Scanners

Omnidirectional scanners are hands-free, stationary type of scanners. They normally use image sensor or laser type of technology to capture barcodes. These scanners are designed to read barcodes as they move past the sensor, at any direction and angle. Some of them can be embedded in a counter. They are ideal for high-traffic areas such as grocery stores, supermarkets, warehouses and healthcare facilities.

Zebex Z6182 – Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner

Zebex Z6182 - Barcode ScannerDual-laser technology

Dual 650 nm visible laser diodes (VLD) light source

Two-color LED indicator

Scan Line: 40 scan lines

Scan Pattern:10 directions of scan field

Scan Rate: 3,600 scans per second

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Fast decoding speed and accuracy

Power consumption 4.05 watts

Compact vertical design

Standard 2 Meter cable

System Interface: Keyboard, USB

Weighs 685 grams and Measures 152.5 × 152.0 × 82.0 mm in size

In-counter scanner ideal for areas with high-traffic.

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Zebex Z-6170 – Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner

Zebex Z-6170 - Omnidirectional Barcode ScannerSingle-Laser technology

Light source: 650 nm visible laser diode (VLD)

Scan Rate: 1, 400 scans per second (omnidirectional); 70 scans per second (single-line)

Scan Pattern: 5 directions of scan field

Scan Line: 20 scan lines

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Two-color LED indicator

Tiltable stand with hinge shaft design

Plastic suction cup for easy installation

Power Consumption:1.35 watts

Standard 2 Meter cable

Elegant design ideal for boutiques

System Interface: Keyboard, USB

Weighs 400 grams and Measures 118.0 × 100.0 × 165.1 mm in size

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Mobile Computers

Mobile computers also function as scanners but usually store the interpreted barcode information in their internal memory. They are perfect for those on the go involved in ticketing, asset management and inventory tracking.

You can also transform your Smartphone to become a barcode reader by installing readily available apps found in the Google Play store and itunes.

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