Bathroom Weighing Scales For Sale & Price In Kenya

Bathroom Weighing Scales are designed to measure the body weight.

These weighing scales are ideal bathroom accessories for weight-conscious individuals.

The types that are readily available for sale in Kenya include mechanical  analogue scales and electronic digital scales.

They come in different sizes and shapes.

These scales are either solar or battery powered. They feature glass, plastic and metal top surfaces.

Measurements are either in pounds or Kilograms.

Price & Availability

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Types of Bathroom Scales

Electronic Digital Scales

Electronic Digital Scales run on batteries. They usually provide accurate results. They are available in different styles. They are easy to read and some of them have the memory function.
An electronic scale is ideal for those looking for quick weight measurements.

Digital Glass Bathroom Scale

Extra-large Clear LCD display

Thick tempered glass top.

Accurate up to 330 lbs. (150 kgs)

Battery operated

Displays and converts weight in kg, lbs, and st units.

Instant On and Auto Zero features

Price: KSh 2,599 Buy Now

Brabantia Digital Bathroom Scale

Accurate, Digital System

Compact, space saving design

Automatic on/off function.

Weighs in Kilogram, stones and pounds

Extra large capacity (max 160 kg/352 lbs/25 stones)

Stands Stable

Battery operated

Price: KSh 2,500 Buy Now

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Mechanical Analogue Scales

Mechanical Analogue Scales require no batteries to operate. They are simple to use and usually feature the dial display.

Sangyug Bathroom Scale

Analogue scale

Dial Display

Cushioned surface for extra comfort

Compact and neat design

Maximum weight: 125kgs

Black in color

Easy to read

Price: KSh 1,500 Buy Now

What To Look Out For When Buying A Bathroom Scale

Type Of Scale

Determine whether you want an electronic or mechanical scale.

Easy To Read

Choose a design that is easy to read especially those with large numbers.


What material is appropriate for your setting? Are you looking for a scale with glass, metal or cushioned top surface. Bathroom scales with glass top surface usually add a decorative touch to any bathroom.


How is the scale constructed? Is it stable and sturdy to support your weight. How is the size? Will it accommodate adults without tripping.


Is the scale easy to clean after use. Weighing scales with glass surfaces are easy to clean with a damp cloth.


If you intend to move the bathroom scale form one area to another, go for lightweight compact designs.

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