Best Subwoofer Speaker Prices In Kenya- Sayona, Ampex, Tagwood

Subwoofer Speaker SystemSub-woofer Speaker Systems are designed for those looking for extreme entertainment in order to enhance their music, gaming or movie experience with sound clarity.

Sub-woofers are loud speakers designed to produce bass tones or lower frequency effects.

They often come as part of an all in one home theater system but can also be bought separately to upgrade your existing entertainment system.

There are different sub-woofer brands in Kenya.

Available brands include here: SayonaDJack,  Ampex, Von Hotpoint among others.

These systems are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and also differ in terms of power and price. They can be placed in any position in a room, though they are known to perform better when placed near a wall or in a corner.

Price & Availability

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Here Are Top Rated Designs

TAGWOOD 2.1 Subwoofer With Bluetooth

2.1 Subwoofer

Bluetooth Wireless Connection

USB Flash Disk

SD Memory Card

Fm Radio

Aux in

AV/DC Dual Power Supply

Remote Control

Price:KSh 2,888 Buy Now

Von Hotpoint 2.1Ch. Subwoofer System

Von Hotpoint 2.1Ch. Subwoofer System2.1 Channel

USB port

SD /MMC Card slot

FM Tuner

Remote Control

Compact design

Sleek and affordable

Price:KSh 2,995 Buy Now

Sayona 5.1 Channel Subwoofer

Sayona SHT1150BT - 5.1 Channel SubwoofeAmazing sound

13500W PMPO


Equalizer functionality

FM ready

USB Support

LED Display


Compatible with DVD, CD, MPEG-4, MP3 & WMA

Price:KSh 6,916 Buy Now

DJack 5.1 Sub-woofer Speaker

DJack 5.1 Sub-woofer SpeakerUSB/ SD card support

FM radio

Output power: 60W

6 inch ultra-heavy bass unit

Fine tone quality, high acoustic effect

Hang-style speaker

MP3 insert


Price:KSh 7,800 Buy Now

Ampex 2.1 CH Subwoofer

Ampex 2.1 CH Subwoofer

2.1 Channel

Compatible with DVD, CD, MPEG-4, MP3 & WMA, laptop & computer

Aux/FM ready

USB Support

Equalizer functionality

PMPO Output: 6000W PMPO

Remote control

Price:KSh 5,999 Buy Now

Sayona 3.1 Channel Subwoofer

Sayona 3.1 Channel SubwooferBluetooth enabled

LED Display

Compatible with DVD, CD, MPEG-4, MP3 & WMA

Digital FM ready

USB Support

Equalizer functionality

15000W PMPO


Price:KSh 8,200 Buy Now

DJack 3.1 Sub-woofer Speaker

DJack 3.1 Sub-woofer SpeakerBluetooth enabled

USB/ SD Card Slot

FM Radio

LED Display

Compatible with DVD, CD, MPEG-4, MP3 & WMA


Selected to adjust

On/Off Power Switch Speaker

Price:KSh 7,250 Buy Now

Sayona 2.1 Ch Subwoofer

Sayona 2.1 Ch SubwooferCompatible with DVD, CD, MPEG-4, MP3 & WMA

FM ready

USB Support

Equalizer functionality


PMPO Output: 6000W PMPO


Price:KSh 4,977 Buy Now

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Picking The Right Sub-woofer

In order to pick the right sub-woofer, here are some few factors to help you pick a quality gadget.


Since these speaker systems have different prices, it is important to determine your budget beforehand.


It goes without saying that small sub-woofers will provide quality output when used in a small room. It is therefore important to determine where you intend to use the system in order to determine if you need a large or small unit.

Power Wattage

Check the wattage of your desired system in order to be able to determine the sound output .

Connectivity Features

Does the system support connectivity features such as Bluetooth, USB or memory SD card reader? Bluetooth connectivity comes in handy as it enables wireless music streaming. SD Card & USB reader allows you to play music directly on the woofer and also makes the system independent of laptops.


Is the system compatible with other devices for instance Bluetooth enabled devices; Laptops, Smartphones, mp3 players, IPOD among others?

Ease Of Use

Does the system come with features such as remote controls for ease of use when watching movies, playing games or listening to the radio.

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