Best Juice Blender For Sale & Price In Kenya – Ramtons, Armco

Juice Blender In KenyaBest Juice Blenders are handy kitchen appliances readily available in the market.

Common blenders are versatile and can be used to make smoothies, fruit juice and other preparations such as sauces, soups, and cocktails.

Smoothie Makers are also available and resemble jug blenders, but have taps that dispense the juice directly into the glass. Most of the smoothie makers come with a stirring stick for maximum mixing efficiency.

Price & Availability

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Blender Brands

Blenders are available in a variety of brands.

Popular brands in Kenya includes Ramtons, Binatone, Armco, Kenwood, Black & Decker, Nutribullet among others.

Here Are Types of Blenders Available

Counter-top Jug Blenders

Counter-top Jug Blenders are the most popular. They are great for preparing smoothies, for ice crushing and grinding .

2 Speed Blender

ramtons-2 speed blender500 Watt motor

2 Speeds with pulse

Stainless steel blade

Anti slip base

Removable Plastic jar

Easy to clean

Easy to use

Price: KSh 1,799 Buy Now

 350W 1.5L Blender

Binatone 350W Blender1.5L capacity

Powered by 350 Watt motor

2 speed and pulse mode

Stainless steel blade

Splash-proof lid

Safety lock mechanism

Unbreakable jar

Price: KSh 1,850 Buy Now

500W 1.8L Blender

bruhm 1.8L blenderCapacity: 1.8L

Ice crusher blade

2 speed with pulse

500 Watt motor

Stainless steel housing

Plastic goblet

Easy to use

Price: KSh 2,495 Buy Now

1.5L Blender

Armco 1.5L BlenderCapacity: 1.5L

4 Speed with Pulse

Ice-crushing blade

Powerful 450W motor

Temp control safety switch

6-cup, BPA-free plastic jar

Streamlined design

Price: KSh 2,199 Buy Now

Immersion Hand-Held or Stick Blender

These immersion hand blenders are designed to submerge directly into the drink or food that you are preparing. These stick blenders are ideal for making  soups.

Saturn 500W Hand-Blender

Saturn 500W Hand-Blender500 Watts

Functions: blender, mixer, beater, chopper

2 speeds

Stainless steel foot

Stainless steel blades

Removable shaft

Ergonomic design

Price: KSh 4,300 Buy Now

300W Hand Blender

Saturn Hand BlenderPower: 300 W

Blender & mixer

Rated voltage: 220-240 V

2 speeds

Ergonomic design

Stainless steel blades

Removable plastic foot

Price: KSh 1,900 Buy Now

Small Personal Blenders

Personal blenders are compact and small in size. They are also very easy to use.

They can be used for making milkshakes, smoothies and other drinks. They are ideal for use by one or two persons.
The blending jar is also used as a traveling jar .You can blend and drink from the same bottle.

Duronic Blend & Go Personal Smoothie Blender

DURONIC Blend & Go Personal Smoothie BlenderTwo 600 mls BPA free bottle

1 Clear bottle with white lid

Stainless steel base

Easy to use

Simple set-up

Compact base

Ideal for ready-to-go smoothie

Price: KSh 2,200 Buy Now

2-1 Blender & Grinder

A 2 in 1 blender that comes with a grinder allows you to blend your favorite juices, and to be able to grind hard -textured ingredients such as nuts, dried fruits, spices among others.

1.5L Blender

Binatone blender-grinder1.5L capacity

Powered by a 450 W engineā€Ž

2 speed and pulse mode

Stainless steel blade

Splash-proof lid

Safety lock mechanism

Cord storage place

Price: KSh 1,699 Buy Now

NutriBullet-Style Blender

Nutri Bullet High-Speed Blender & Mixer System600W Motor

Cyclonic Action for a smoother, better smoothie

Simple to use

Stainless Steel blades

High Torque Power Base

Extractor Milling blade to cut through nuts, seeds & stems

Compact and easy to store

Easy To use & Clean

Price: KSh 9,994 Buy Now
View video below illustrating how this Nutribullet unit works

Price: KSh 14,995 Buy Now

What To Consider When Buying A Blender


Jug containers found in these appliances usually have different capacity. If you have a large family, then buying a blender with a large capacity that can hold 4 to 7 glasses is a good option. Personal-size blenders are also available for individuals who live alone.


It is important to determine beforehand how much you want to spend for the appliance. You can get functional cheaply priced blenders at Kshs 2,000, and high cost designs at Kshs 60,000.

Plastic or Glass Jar Container

Blenders with plastic jars cost less, are light, but ages fast due to scratches. Those units with glass jars cost more, are heavier, durable, though breakable.

Additional Accessories

Look out for units that come with additional accessories such as blending cups that get converted into travelling cups for carrying your smoothie to the gym. Those with grinding mills are handy when grinding nuts, seeds, dried fruits and spices.

Type of Blades

Units with stainless steel blades are durable and do not rust.


Most units come with both low and high speed settings. Other useful settings includes the pulse setting to help you make your smoothie to the desired consistency.

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