Burglar & Home Alarm Systems For Sale & Price In Kenya

Burglar and Home Alarm Systems are one of the security systems that you can install to help secure and monitor your premises.

Keeping your home or business safe from intruders will definitely give you peace of mind.

These security alarm systems will help protect you and your family against unwanted invasions.

There are different types of Alarm systems available.

Some of them are wired while others are Smart wireless systems.

Their pricing also differ from one design to another.

Price & Availability

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Types Of Security Alarms Available

Wireless Alarm System Kits

These Wireless alarm systems are portable and easy to install. Some of them are smart wireless home/office security systems that allows you to remotely control and monitor your home from any location using your smartphone and an app. These alarms come with a number of sensors ranging from door, window and so on.

Danmini Infrared Alarm Kit

Monitor, Smoke Detector, Door Sensor, Audio and Visual Alarm included

Support SMS and dialing alarm

5 wireless remote control codes

LCD display and built-in clock

10-second recording

-alarm call and text

Built-in digital and video player

Price: KSh 12,900 Buy Now

Redshield Wireless Alarm System

App Controlled

Color LCD display

Window/Door Sensors

Quick and easy installation

User-friendly interface

Fully Expandable with variety of sensors

Price: KSh 11,250 Buy Now

Door/Window Alarm

Door and window alarms are simple-to-use and also cost-effective. Their loud alarm will alert when an intruder tries to enter through your doors or windows. These alarms are easy to use and operate. Most of them feature contemporary designs with easy access buttons.

Escam AS001 – Smart Sensor

Door window alarm

Designed for shop, home and warehouse security

One alarm IP camera supports up to 64pcs sensors

Works with 23A 12V alkaline battery

Easy to operate

Alarm current: Less than 15mA

Price: KSh 400 Buy Now

Glass Break Alarms

Glass Break Alarms are used to monitor when glass is shattered or broken on doors or windows. These are ideal when monitoring an intruder who is likely to break the glass and enter the house through the space without actually opening the window or door.

Redshield Slim Glass Break Alarm

Comes With External Magnetic Sensor

Shock sensor to detect any break-in from window

Ultra slim design

Compatible with sliding doors and windows

Piercing siren

High/Low sensitivity selection

Battery condition testing button

Price: KSh 1,125 Buy Now

Outdoor Alarm System

Outdoor Siren Alarm Systems are used to deter potential intruders. These alarm systems are designed to produce loud siren to attract attention and alert home owners and neighbors to warn them of the danger.

Redshield Outdoor Alarm System

120dB Powerful Siren

Weather resistant casing for outdoor use

Extreme long battery life-at least 2 years

Tamper proof protection

Smart LED notification

Highly visible blue LED array

Price: KSh 8,375 Buy Now

Alarm Padlocks

Alarm padlocks come with built in sirens or alarms. These padlocks can be used on items that should not be tampered with, but cannot be secured. You can use them to secure your motorcycle, bike, garage door, side gates, furniture, tents, locker or tool box.

Kinbar Security Alarm PadLock

Auto Alarming and Locking System

Dual Shock & Movement Sensor

110db Loud Alarm Siren Function

Hardened Zinc Alloy Body

Tamper Proof Batteries

Sturdy and durable

Hot Processed Hardened Steel Shackle

Price: KSh 1,349 Buy Now

Buy Alarm System Here At kilimall Kenya From Kshs 400