Stand, Hand Dough Mixers For Sale & Price In Kenya

cake-mixerCake Hand & Stand mixers are ideal for mixing cake, bread, cookie or pizza ingredients. They are also effective in whipping cream ingredients and kneading of clean dough.

They are available as hand and stand mixers. Cake mixers are convenient and makes the baking process easy & faster.

They also aerate, whisk, churn, blend and whip ingredients.

These mixers come in a variety of brands.

Price & Availability

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Types of Cake Mixers Available

Stand Mixers

Stand mixers are powerful and able to handle different tasks. They come with different bowl sizes. They are constructed with plastic or metal material. They are ideal for regular baking. They also have multiple speed settings.

Stand & Hand Mixer

ramtons-rm369-stand-hand-mixer300 Wattage
Stainless Steel bowl
5 Speed settings
4.3 Liters bowl
Turbo function with safety device
Steel dough hooks
Stainless Steel beaters
Sturdy & durable
Easy to operate

1 Year warranty

Price: KSh 3,195 View/Buy Now

Stand Mixer

kenwood-hm-430-hand-mixer250 Watt motor
6 variable speeds
Turbo function
Plastic body
Plastic bowl
Easy To Use
Stainless Steel Twin Beaters
Stainless Steel Twin Kneaders
Full Safety Interlock

1 Year warranty

Price: KSh 6,495 View/Buy Now

Stand & Bowl Mixer

philips-hr1565-stand-bowl-mixerStand & Bowl Mixer
3 Liter rotating bowl
Mixer stand
Powerful 350 Watt motor
Multiple speeds
Turbo function
dough hooks
Handy spatula

1 Year warranty

Price: KSh 4,495 View/Buy Now

Handheld mixers

Handheld mixers are less powerful compared to stand mixers. They perform lighter tasks such as whipping egg whites, mixing ingredients or mashing potatoes. They are lightweight and compact. They are easy to store as they occupy minimal counter space.

Hand Mixer

kenwood-handmixers-hm330250 Wattage
Turbo button for burst of power
6 speeds
Contoured design for comfortable handling
Stainless steel twin beaters
Twin kneaders
Plastic body material
White color

1 Year warranty

Price: KSh 1,656 View/Buy Now

Daily Collection Mixer

philips-hr1459-daily-collection-mixerPowerful 300 W motor
5 variable speeds
Turbo function
Stainless steel strip beaters
Stainless steel dough hooks
Cord storage clip
Tough ABS plastic
Easy to use

2 Year warranty

Price: KSh 1,689 View/Buy Now

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Features To Consider When Buying A Cake Mixer

Stand Mixer or Hand Mixer

Stand mixers are powerful and easily mixes thick type of ingredients. They are designed to speed kneading processes and the mixing of ingredients. Hand mixers quickly perform tasks such as whipping egg whites, are easy to clean and affordable.

Capacity & Size

Cake mixers have different bowl sizes and capacity. Large mixing bowls with  4 to 5 liter  capacity are ideal for mixing large amount of ingredients.
2-liter bowls are perfect for mixing small amounts of ingredients.

Counter Space

Large stand mixers occupy wide counter space compared to hand mixers. If you are limited in space, getting a hand mixer is a great option.

Color And Finish

Both hand and stand mixers are available in a variety of color and finish. Those mixers made of stainless-steel material are attractive and durable. Choose a design that match with your kitchen setting and appliances.

Ease of Use

An ideal mixer should be be comfortable and easy to use.

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