Best Cheap Microwave Oven Prices In Kenya – LG, Samsung, Ramtons

microwave OvenA microwave oven is one of the most convenient kitchen appliance to have in your house.

It allows you to quickly defrost, bake and reheat food including making meals.

These appliances are available in a variety of sizes and features.

Some of them feature digital control panels while others are mechanically operated. Some of them have grilling, baking or roasting capability.

Available popular brands in the Kenyan market include LG, SamsungRamtons, Von Hotpoint among others. Their prices vary depending on their features and brand.

Price & Availability

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We review some of the cheap units available for sale.

Ramtons Microwave+Grill

Ramtons Manual MicrowaveCapacity: 20 Liters
1000W (Grill), 700W (Microwave)
Defrost by weight/time
11 microwave power levels
99min digital timer
Express cooking
Cooking end signal
6 auto menus
Silver Color

Price: Kshs 6,999 Buy Now



ARMCO Full Convection Electric Oven/Grill

armco-full-convection-electric-oven1600 watt microwave oven
60 Min Timer with Alarm
Variable Temperature control 100 to 250 °C
Full Chicken Rottiserrie
Wire Rack
Bake Tray with accompanying handles
Black and Stainless Steel Housing
sleek and stylish design

Price: Kshs 8,995 Buy Now

Luxell 30-Litre Oven & Grill

luxell-kf3100-series-30-litre-oven-grillOven & Grill

30 Litres

650 Wattage lower resistance

650 Wattage upper resistance

Special heat isolation feature

Temperature resistant glass

Stainless steel material

Grey & Black in color

Compact design

Price: Kshs 5,900 Buy Now

Samsung Solo Microwave 

Samsung Grill GE732K-S Oven
: 20 Liters

Power Level: 6

Display Type:LED

Price: Kshs 11,995 Buy Now

Microwave Distribution: Turntable

Door Opening Type:Push button

Power Consumption:
 800 watts

Interior: Ceramic-coated

Extras:Rapid  Defrost Buy Now

Von-Hotpoint Electronic Oven

von-hotpoint-Solo OvenCapacity: 20 Liters

Power Level: Variable Power Levels

Display Type:LED

Power Levels: 11

Extras:In built clock, Child lock

Price: Kshs 7,995 Buy Now



LG Microwave 20L

Capacity: 20 Liters

Power Level: 5

Operation Type:Mechanical

Microwave Distribution: Turntable

Door Opening Type:Push button

Power Consumption:
700 watts

Extras: Timer

Price: Kshs 9,995 Buy Now

Saturn Oven With Grill

Saturn Oven With GrillCapacity: 23 Liters

Power Consumption: 1280 Watts

Microwave Power:
800 Watts

Grill Power: 1000 Watts

Display Type: LED

Door Opening Type: Pull handle door

Power Level:5

Extras: Grill

Price: Kshs 7,999 Buy Now

You will agree with me that there are many models available and it might be difficult task to pick the best. Here are some factors to consider when buying a Microwave oven.


It is important to get a large size that is adequate for your whole family. A small compact size comes in handy for an individual who lives alone in a hostel,  or for those looking for a unit for small tasks such as  reheating food, for instance in offices. Take into consideration whether your counter-space will be adequate to hold the size of the microwave.


Microwave ovens differ according to the features they have in order to complete cooking processes such as grilling, baking or roasting. Depending on your cooking processes, ensure you  select an appliance with the right features.

Watt Output

Since these ovens have variable wattage output that ranges from 600 to 1200 watts, it is important to ensure that your unit has adequate power to be able to cook food faster.


Ovens are constructed differently and you will find some with pull out handles while others are operated by a button. The interior and exterior structure is also different. They come with ceramic, plastic or stainless steel interiors. Ceramic interiors are easier to clean and does n‎‎o‎‎t discolor or scratch over time‎‎.

The exterior also has different finishes and colors. It is important to get a design that will match with the rest of your kitchen appliances or your interior.

Mechanical Versus Digital Settings

Ovens with mechanical operating knobs are ideal for the elderly or the disabled as opposed to a model with digital control panel, that may be a bit technical or difficult for them to operate.

Power Levels

Power levels in an oven usually gives you the flexibility to fine tune the settings to adapt to your recipe, most importantly to prevent overcooking. Ovens differ in the number of power levels they come with. Those with numerous power levels will give you the flexibility to cook a wide range of food.


Warranty period differ from one brand to another. A longer warranty means that you will be able to save a lot of cash when it comes to repair and maintenance.

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