Cheap Washing Machine Prices In Kenya – LG, Ramtons, Samsung

Washing Machine
You will agree with me that the best washing machines for cleaning your clothes and dryers for drying your garments are handy appliances especially for busy parents and house-keepers.

These appliances like any other differ on the capacity and the features that they have.

There are different brands available in the Kenyan market.

Available brands include LGSamsung, Ramtons, Von Hotpoint, Whirlpool among others.

Price depends on the brand, type of appliance and the features.

Price & Availability

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Types of Washing Machines Available For Sale

Twin Tub Washing Machines

Twin Tub Washers come with 2 tubs. One tub is for washing clothes while the other tub is for spinning clothes to get dry. Once the washing cycle has finished, you lift the washed clothes and put them on the spinning tub for removal of excess water so that they can dry quickly. These twin tubs are water efficient and also works faster.

Chinway Semi-Automatic Twin Tub Washing Machine

Wash Capacity: 3 Kgs

Adjustable wash

Semi Automatic with Semi dryer

Non-corrosive plastic body

Knob control

Different wash cycles

Washing Power: 240W

Drying Power :120W

Price: Kshs 9,699 Buy Now

Ramtons RW/129 Model

ramtons-twin-tub-washer_-air-dry_-6kg_-rw125---white Wash Capacity: 6Kg

Spin Capacity: 3.6 Kg

Type: Twin Tub

Control Type: Mechanical

Timer:Wash & Spin

Color: White

Price: Kshs 12,890 Buy Now


Von Hotpoint HPTT7 Model

Von Hotpoint HPTT7 ModelCapacity: 7 Kg

Type: Twin Tub

Control Type: Mechanical

Body: Rust proof plastic

Washing Programs: 3

Timer:Wash & Spin

Price: Kshs 17,995 Buy Now

Front Loaders For Sale

Front loaders come with a front door for loading and unloading the linen. They are ideal for those with smaller spaces, though adequate room is required to open the door. They provide gentle wash and have fast spin cycles. They are a bit pricey compared to top loaders.

Samsung Front Load Washing Machine

Samsung WasherCapacity: 6 Kg

Type: Front Loader

Control Type: Electronic

Speed: 1200 Rpm

Energy Rating: A+

Wash Programs: 11

Price: Kshs 55,995

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LG 5Kg 1000 RPM Washer

Washing Machine Type: Front Loader

Wash Capacity: 5KG

Variable Spin Speed: 1000 RPM

Energy efficiency class:A++

Door Size: 300 mm

Special Features: Intelligent Washing System, Load detect, Direct Drive Motor

Price: Kshs 49,995

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Von Hotpoint HWF-812S – Front Load Washing Machine

Von Hotpoint HWF-812S - Front Load Washing Machine6kg Fully Automatic Front Load

1200 RPM

16 Wash Programs

Power Memory & Time Delay Function

Water Spray Nozzle

Self Diagnostics

Anti Foam, Overheating & Water Overflow control

Auto Balancing System

LCD External Display

Child Lock, Water Level, Temperature Selector, Rpm Selector

Price: Kshs 69,995 Buy Now

Top Load Washers For Sale

Top Load washers have a lid at the top for use when loading dirty clothes. They are cheaply priced with fast wash cycles. They are also easier to load and unload.

Ramtons RW/112 Model

Ramtons RW 112 ModelCapacity: 10 Kg

Type: Top Loader

Control Type: Electronic

Power: 400 watts

Top Lid: Transparent

Special Features: Sturdy base

Price: Kshs 37,990

Buy Now

Washer/Dryer Combo Machines For Sale

Washer/dryer combo machines comprise of a washer with inbuilt dryer.

They are perfect for those living in limited spaces such as apartments. Such appliance allows you to wash and dry your garments at the same time.

LG 8/6kg Washer & Dryer

Machine Type: Front Loader

Wash Capacity: 8KG

Dry Capacity: 6KG

Variable Spin Speed: 1400/1000/800/400/No spin

Energy efficiency class:A+++

Door Size: 350 mm

Special Features: Intelligent Washing System, Load detect, Child-Lock,Direct Drive Motor

Price: Kshs 128,995

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Here are some features that you need to consider before buying a washer


Washing machines are available as front loading designs and top loading designs. Top loaders are cheaper, have large capacity and also work faster.

Front loaders are expensive, energy & water efficient, also compact in design. Compared to a top-loader, a front-loader requires the user to bend when loading and unloading.


The load capacity of your washing machine is an important aspect that needs careful consideration. A washer with a capacity of 6 to 7 Kg can adequately serve a family of four. If you intend to do bulky washing, then getting a washer with large capacity is a good option.

Structural Features

Washers with stainless steel tub are more durable. Units with adjustable legs are more steady. An automatic lock function keeps the door locked during a wash cycle. Detergent dispensers are also handy.

Energy & Water Efficiency

In order to reduce on your water and power bills, it is important to choose an appliance that is water and energy efficient.


Check on the warranty of the machine before buying to ensure that your appliance can be taken care of if it gets faulty.

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