Clothes Dryer For Sale & Price In Kenya 2019

clothes_dryerClothes Dryer make it easier to dry your clothes especially during cold seasons.

A dryer is a handy laundry appliance for every home keeper.

There are different types of dryers available in the market today.

Their features and drying capacity also differ from one model to another.

Price & Availability

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Spin Dryers

These spin dryers come in a compact design ideal for those with limited space for instance those living in
apartments. They are an inexpensive way to dry your clothes. They are portable and can be used during camping or other outdoor living areas. These spin dryers do not use heat but spinning power to remove 80% of the moisture from clothes so that you can then air-dry the garments in a short span. Because there is no heat damage, the drying process is easier on clothes.

They also use less electricity compared to other dryers that use tumble drying, therefore saving on electricity bills. They are time savers as they usually dry clothes in a short span.

Spindel Laundry Dryer

Spindel Laundry DryerType: Spin Dryer

Capacity: 6.5 Kg

Drum Type: Stainless Steel

Speed: 2800 rpm

Power: 300 watts

Drying Time: 3 minutes removes 80% of moisture

Color: White

Weight: 8.7 kg

Price: Kshs 21,999 Buy Now

Condenser Tumble Dryers

Condenser Tumble Dryers are a bit pricy. They are a good option for those living in rented houses as they usually do not need any external piping, that would require changing of the external structure of the house. They have useful sensors that indicate if clothes are hot or not. They have a wide range of settings allowing you to choose the best setting for your type of clothing for example cotton or synthetic. Others come with crease reduction feature.

Samsung DV80H4000CS Dryer

Samsung DV80H4000CS Dryer8KG condensing dryer

Graphic LED display

Delay end feature

Drying progress indicator

Anti Crease function

Quick drying cycle

Price: Kshs 77,995 Buy Now

Von Hotpoint Dryer

Von Hotpoint DryerCapacity: 8 Kg

Type: Condenser Dryer

Control Type: Electronic, LED

Drying Programs:

Style: Free standing

Thermostat: Yes

Anti-crease Feature: Yes

Moisture Sensor: Yes

Color: Silver

Price: Kshs 47,995 Buy Now

Heated Drying Rack

Heated drying racks are ideal for cold seasons when clothes take a long time to completely dry. These are multipurpose racks for drying all types of clothes. They are a cost-effective, quick, energy efficient and convenient way to dry your laundry.

They are a great option for families looking for a faster and cheap way to dry clothes. Clothes are less wrinkled which saves ironing time. These racks are portable, light weight and easy to assemble. When not in use, they can be folded for compact storage. Some of them come with castors for easy movement. Available in different colors.

ARMCO ACD-011MT Drying Rack

Steel frame


Quick dry

Room Heater

Price: Kshs 7,995 Buy Now

Multi purpose


3 hour timer

Castors for easy movement.

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