Computer Mouse Price In Kenya – Wireless, Optical

Computer MouseA Computer Mouse comes in handy when navigating through your computer programs or when browsing the internet.

Just like the keyboard, a mouse is an important peripheral device for your computer or laptop.

You will agree with me that a mouse will allow you to perform tasks such as copy, cut, outline, paste among other tasks.

The mouse come in various types and usually differ in their design, size, color and even connectivity features. Some are wired while others are wireless.

Price & Availability

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Types Of Computer Mice Available For Sale

Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse is cordless and communicates to the computer via Bluetooth or radio-frequency (RF) technology. Radio frequency wireless mice usually require USB dongle to link up with the computer. Most Bluetooth type of mice normally connect to the computer via 2.4GHz wireless frequencies and provides connectivity within a certain range.

A cordless mouse can be moved around without being hampered by any wire. There is less cable-clutter on your desk when using a wireless mice. However, wireless devices require batteries to run and RF type of mice will also block one of your USB port.

HP X3000 Wireless Mouse

HP X3000 Wireless MouseComes with USB Nano receiver

Fast-moving scroll wheel

3 buttons

2.4GHz wireless connection

12-month battery life

Contoured shape & Rubber side grips

Optical sensor

Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10

AA Battery included.

Price: KSh 1,599 Buy Now

A4TECH BT630N Bluetooth Wireless Mice

A4TECH BT630N Bluetooth wireless V-Track mouseBluetooth Interface

Programmable buttons

Optical Sensor

Range: 10 meter

3 Buttons & Scroll Wheel

Power supply: 1 AA battery

Resolution: 1000 dpi

Compatible: Windows 2000/2003/Vista/XP/7

Price: KSh 1,900 Buy Now

Optical Mouse

An optical mice makes use of optical sensor, LED light plus digital signal processing. The optical mouse is designed to respond quickly, smoothly and precisely, eliminating any chance of failure. This mouse doesn’t require a mouse pad.

Dell WM123 – Wireless Mouse

Dell WM123 - Wireless Mouse3-button optical mouse

Radio frequency technology

Comfortable and contoured shape

1-year battery life

Comes with Nano USB receiver

AA Battery included

Price: KSh 1,499 Buy Now


Acme MS10 – Mini Optical mouse

acme-mouseOptical sensor


Compact shape

Rubber scroll wheel

Connector type: USB

Resolution: 1000 dpi

Cable length: 120 cm

OS requirements : Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7TM or higher

Price: KSh 589 Buy Now

Wired Mouse

Wired or corded mouse connects to the computer via USB port or PS2 connector. A wired mouse is powered by the computer and does not require batteries to operate. However, wired units come with additional cable-clutter and are also restrictive since you have to work close to your computer.

EBlue Puntero Wired Mouse

EBlue Puntero MouseConnector Type: USB 2.0

6 feet long Wire

Matte finish

Compact and Light-Weight

Big Rubber Scroll Button

Red LED illumination

Size:120 x 60 x 37mm

Product Compatibility:Windows 98/ 2000/ME/NT /XP/win 7

Price: KSh 499 Buy Now

Crown USB Mouse

Crown Wired Optical USB MouseWired design

Optical Tracking

USB Interface


Compatibility: PC, Mac and Netbook

Nice and smooth


Price: KSh 860 Buy Now

Gaming Mouse

Gaming mouse come with extra features to enhance your gaming experience. These features include ergonomic design, laser sensors, quick response time, light-click buttons and built-in counterweight for balance and physical feel.

Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse

Jumia Wireless Optical Gaming MouseErgonomic design

Wireless connectivity

Power: AAA batteries

Range:10 Meters

USB receiver

Stylish design

Scroll button

Price: KSh 394 Buy Now

Multi function Mouse

Multi function mouse can be used when performing a variety of tasks such as graphic design, animation, gaming or audio production. This type of mouse usually come with extra features.

EBlue Mouse

E-Blue Cobra MouseOptical Sensor

Sleek micro switch for incredible clicking speed

Counter-weighted for balance and playing “feel

UV protection

Adjustable DPI Range

Rubberized Scroll Wheel

Compatibility: Windows 98/ 2000/ME/NT /XP/win 7

Price: KSh 1400 Buy Now

Vertical Mouse

A vertical mouse can either be wireless or wired. A Vertical mouse comes in an ergonomic shape designed to support the hand in an upright neutral posture eliminating forearm twisting and helps to alleviate wrist fatigue. Most of this type of mouse usually come with easy-to-reach programmable buttons.

Vertical MouseOptical tracking

1200 DPI Resolution

System support: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS

Wired Connection

5 Easy-to-reach buttons

Ergonomic design

1.5 m cable length

Price: KSh 2930 Buy Now

Mechanical Mouse

A Mechanical Mouse comes with an internal rubber or metal ball. The ball usually spin in all directions and the cursor normally moves as the mouse detects the direction.

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What To Consider When Buying A Computer Mouse

Wired Versus Wireless Device

If your PC has multiple tangled cables around it, the best option to minimize the cable clutter is to get a wireless mouse. Wired mice doesn’t lose connections and is easy to maintain as there are no batteries to keep replacing.


Computer mouse usually range in price depending on the features and brand. Wired mice are usually cheaper compared to the wireless design.

Connectivity Range

Wireless mice offer different connectivity range. Some of them can operate through walls while others have to be closer to the computer. It is up to you to determine your appropriate range.


Cordless designs especially the Bluetooth mice are easier to carry around than wired designs.

Extra Features

Check out for added features such as extra buttons that offer added flexibility and functionality. In addition, a mice with scroll wheel at the center allows you to easily scroll through documents, websites and much more.


If you intend to get a gaming mice for instance, you need to pick a mice specifically designed for the purpose, as it is most likely to come with specialized features geared towards that specific purpose.


A wireless RF mouse requires a PC that has USB port for the USB dongle, while a Bluetooth mice will only work with a computer that is able to recognize other Bluetooth devices.


Mouse differ in their sensitivity usually indicated as DPI (dots per inch) Most designs come with DPI of 800 to 1000. A higher DPI rating means that the mice will be able to detect and react to small movements.

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