Cosmetic Makeup Bags For Sale & Price In Kenya

Cosmetic Makeup Organizer bags are a must-have accessories ideal for organizing and storing all your makeup essentials in one case.

Just like make-up boxes, these cosmetic-bags are great when travelling or for organizing daily essentials in your home dresser.

They are also suitable for those on the go and for professional stylists.

In addition to organizing your essential makeup, you can also use them to carry hair accessories, skin-care products and other toiletries.

Instead of carrying a handbag where all your items are jumbled up at the bottom and you cannot find what you are looking for, get a special bag with multiple compartments so that you can find what you need in a flash, be it toiletries, creams, cosmetics or jewelry.

Price & Availability

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Roll ‘n’ Go Cosmetics Bag

Separate compartments

Zippered compartments

Ideal for cosmetics toiletries and jewelry

Clear panels

Can hang from a hook

Price: Kshs 600

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Clutch Makeup Cosmetic Bag

Inner compartments

Fabric Material

Rectangle Shape

Ideal for everyday use

Zip closure

Grid pattern

Easy to clean


Price: Kshs 500 Buy Now

Make up Purse

Washable fabric material

Zip closure

Carry-on side handle

Inner & Outer Compartment

Compact size

Price: Kshs 300

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Types Of Makeup Bags

Roll -N- Go Makeup Bags

A Roll -N- Go makeup bag is designed to easily roll up for easy portability and compact storage. They are perfect for traveling or when making gym visits since they are very convenient to take along. They are great for those who want something that is big enough to hold everything and keep them in one place.

If you want to have your makeup at hand every time, even when going to a party or to a gig with your friends, it is important to use Roll -N- Go cosmetic bag.

These bags will keep your stuff well arranged, whether you want them by categories or by sizes. Once you open the casing, it allows you to view the content; making it easier for you to reach for what you need.

Most of these cases have zippered compartments with pockets to help keep products that are likely to spill separate from other items. This is important in order to keep all your items in a hygienic and clean state. These zippered compartments also help to prevent dust build up and also keep your items dry.

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In addition, these bags usually help the user to be able to keep tabs of all their cosmetics, so that they are aware of the supplies that are running out or not. You will never be caught unaware that the most important part of your makeup kit is consumed.

These bags are fitted with hooks or attached hanger for hanging over the door or on the wall, so that you can keep all your beauty and hair products well organized. When it is time to travel, they will convenient roll up to a stylish type of a bag.

Makeup Brush Cases

Makeup Brush Cases usually help in organizing and carrying your makeup brushes.

These pouches come with pockets to compactly hold all type of brushes from small to the longer ones.

They are very portable and will definitely store your brushes in good condition.

Proper storage of makeup-brushes helps to maintain their original shape especially when kept in a flat or upright position.

Traveling Jewelry Rolls

If you are a frequent traveler and wish to keep your jewelry organized, be it rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, getting one of these pouches will help keep your precious collection untangled and safe.

One pouch will discreetly carry all your accessories for the occasion. Most of their interior is made of suede like or cotton material to prevent scratching the jewelry.

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How to Shop For The Right Cosmetic Bag

If you are wondering how to choose the right bag, your first consideration should be whether it is sturdy or flexible enough to hold all your makeup. Especially when it comes to traveling, you would not want your cell phone and other important papers smeared with a lipstick on, or your precious creams spilled.

Check the pockets and compartments to see if they are the ones you need. Will they suit your cosmetic brushes? You might also need to check the closure system to ensure that it will be effective and prevent spillage.

You might need to look into your situation and if you are a frequent traveler, you definitely need to use a bag that is convenient to take along.
You can choose one that is a little more fun and colorful than your average purse, or opt for something with crazy designs, flowers, and bright colors to show your vibrant mood.

The most important thing to look for is a bag that can hold all your stuff, has the right compartment, color, styles, among others.

Depending on the styles, materials used, and colors, you will surely find a cosmetic bag for your makeup that will suit your taste.

These bags will protect your expensive cosmetics from breakage while keeping them all in one place. Most of their interior pockets are made of vinyl to help protect against spills.

You can find a lot of bags with different designs. Some comes with pockets and holders, while others just have an open compartment where you can put all your cosmetic products. They are made of leather, canvas and nylon fabrics.

Whether you are a home user or an advanced makeup user with wider and varied beauty products, you can easily find a bag that suits your needs.

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