Digital Piano & Musical Keyboards For Sale & Price In Kenya

piano keyboardThere are different types of digital piano and musical keyboards available in the market today.

These instruments are designed for use in the studio or stage and also for home use.

These musical instruments come with different features and are available in different sizes and brands.

Depending on your skill level, you will be able to get either an advanced model or an entry-level low cost model.

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Types Of Keyboards & Piano Available In The Market

Digital Piano

The two types of digital piano available are the compact designs and the console designs. Compact designs are portable and ideal for stage use. Console designs come with the traditional cabinet stand and are ideal for home use. These digital piano instruments are ideal for both learners and those with advanced playing techniques.

Casio CDP-120BKC2 Digital Piano

CASIO CDP-120BKC2 DIGITAL PIANO88-keys, Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard

Touch Response: 3 sensitivity levels, Off

Dual-element AHL Sound Source

48 Polyphony

5 built-in tones

5 Built-in Songs

USB MIDI interface

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Casio AP-620BKKC2 – Full Size Digital Piano

CASIO AP-620BKKC2 - Digital Piano - Full Size88-keys, Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard

250 built-in tones

128 Built-in Rhythms

3 Sensitivity levels

17-track sequence

SD memory card slot

USB MIDI interface

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Lighted Keyboards

Lighted keyboards are designed to help you find the correct keys. The keys normally light up to guide your fingers to the correct notes. These are ideal for learners.

Casio LK-247 – Lighted Keyboard

CASIO LK-247 - Musical Keyboard61 piano-style keys with Key Lighting System

AHL sound source

48-tone maximum polyphony

400 built-in tones

Touch Response:2 sensitivity levels, Off

110 Built-in Songs

Lesson Function

USB MIDI interface

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Workstation Keyboards

Workstation Keyboards are equipped with tools required for crafting, recording, editing and finalizing songs. Most of them come with multiple recording and connectivity features.

CASIO WK-6500K2 – Musical Keyboard

CASIO WK-6500K2 - Musical Keyboard76 Piano-style keys

670 Built in Tones

200 Rhythms

LCD Display screen

Reverb:10 Types

16 track song sequencer

48-note Polyphony

USB MIDI interface, SD card storage

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Mini Keyboards

These mini sized keyboards are portable, small and light. These are ideal for children or beginners.

Casio SA-77H2- Micro Musical Keyboard

Casio SA-77H2- Micro Musical KeyboardLCD Display screen

44 mini keys

100 Tones

50 Rhythms

5 Drum pads

10 Integrated songs

Polyphony: 8-note ensures good sound quality

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Portable Keyboards

These portable keyboards are lightweight and easy to use. They come with learning functions and are perfect for those who travel from one area to another. Most of them come with USB connectivity.

Casio CTK-2400k2 61 Keys Portable Keyboard

Casio CTK-2400k2 61 Keys Standard Keyboard61 piano-style keys

150 built-in rhythms

Built-in microphone

400 built-in tones

Powerful lesson functions

USB MIDI interface for computer connection

One Touch Preset

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Digital Synthesizers

Digital Synthesizers are keyboards designed to produce sounds. These synthesizers come packed with multiple sounds.

Casio XWP1 Synthesizer

CASIO XW-P1K2 - Musical Keyboard61 Key Performance Synthesizer

6 Oscillator Monophonic Solo Synthesizer

Casio Hybrid Processing Sound Source

400 editable PCM sounds

Step Sequencer

Drawbar Organ Mode

HexLayer tones

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Features To Consider When Buying A Piano or Keyboard


Depending on your type of budget, it is important to choose an instrument that fits your needs and is within your preferred price range. Musical keyboards come in a more affordable price than digital piano.


If you travel frequently, you need to choose a design that is lightweight and easy to travel with.


Since these instruments come in different sizes, it is important to check the dimensions to ensure that the instrument will be appropriate for your space or for your child to use.

Skill Level

If you are an experienced pianist, an appropriate instrument should come with advanced features. Beginners should look out for entry-level designs equipped with learning tools.


An ideal musical instrument should come with MIDI capability or other connectivity features such as USB Port or memory card slot to allow sharing of music to other recording devices and computers.

Extra Features

Look out for additional features such as recording capability and lighted keys especially if you are a beginner learning how to play.

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