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gas-electric-cookerWhether you are looking for an electric or gas cooker ovens in the Kenyan Market, you will definitely find the right design for your kitchen needs.

In addition, you will also find duel fuel cookers that use two fuel sources – gas and electricity.

These cookers are available as counter-top units and as freestanding cookers.

They come in different sizes, colors and styles to suit most kitchen designs.

Price & Availability

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Gas Cookers

Gas cookers are cheaper compared to their electric counterparts. They are easier and fast to operate. They usually provide instant heat and are also easy to control or adjust the heat. A gas cooker will allow you to cook food simultaneously at different temperatures.

Gas burners do not use electricity and will continue cooking even after power outage. Gas fuel is also cheaper when it comes to cooking.

Gas cookers come as free standing designs or as counter-top/table top designs. Tabletop cook-tops range from one burner to four burners.

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Electric Cookers

Electric Cookers take longer to heat than gas units. They have more features and provide even cooking. They are safe to use and also easy to clean.

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Duel Fuel Cookers

Duel Fuel Cookers use both electricity and gas. You can get a duel cooker for instance with a gas hob and an electric oven.

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Cooker-top units have the gas hob only. They do not have an inbuilt oven. They are compact and space saving. They are ideal for kitchens with limited space. They are normally positioned on the counter-top or table top.

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Freestanding Cookers

Most freestanding cookers come with a cooker top, an oven and even a grill. These units have advanced features and will allow you to prepare food in other ways other than direct cooking. Some of the designs have a storage drawer. They use gas, electric or duel fuel source. They are easier to install and move around.

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What To Consider When Buying A Cooker For Your Kitchen

Gas, Electric or Duel Cooker

Determine whether to buy gas, electric or duel fuel cooker. A gas cooker is cheaper to run and very ideal in urgent situations when you need a quick fix. An electric cooker will cook your food evenly. A Duel fuel cooker combines features of both electric and gas design.

Freestanding or Counter-top

Counter-top units are cheaper and designed for areas with limited space. Freestanding units have additional features and functions. You need to have adequate space to fit the freestanding unit.

Color and Finish

Cookers come in a variety of color and finishes ranging from white, black, silver, brown, stainless steel among other finishes. Choose a color that will blend well with your kitchen decor. A stainless steel finish is an attractive design and also durable.

Size Of Your Kitchen

A large kitchen will have adequate space to accommodate a free standing cooker. A small kitchen with limited space will accommodate a table top unit.

Type of Ignition

Cookers vary in their type of ignition. Some of them feature automatic or direct ignition. Automatic ignition doesn’t require use of a matchbox.


Cookers have varied prices depending on their features and type of brand. If you are willing to spend more, you will be able to get a high end design with advanced features.

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