Facial Steamer For Sale & Price In Kenya

A Facial Steamer is ideal for rejuvenating your facial skin, leaving it fresh and renewed.

Those that have additional nasal steamer, helps to relieve Cold and Rhinitis symptoms.

These facial saunas deeply cleanse the facial skin, removes dirt, oil & grime, opens blocked pores, minimizes blackheads and helps in deep hydration.

They also emit soothing mist to moisturize and soften the skin. This helps to restore the natural radiance and suppleness of the skin.

They provide a spa treatment improving face blood circulation.

A facial steamer will also allow you to enjoy aromatherapy sauna at home, when you add spices and essential oils to the steamer.

Price & Availability

Buy Facial Steamers Here At Kilimall Kenya Ranging From Kshs 2,000

Mist Steam Sprayer

Dual facial sauna cones

Wide facial steamer and nasal steamer.

Measuring cup.

2 Settings

100 Wattage

Nose and facial cover


Price: KSh 2,811 View/Buy Now


Steamer Nano Cosmetology Machine

Emits moisturizing mist

Hot water steam to open skin pore

Nano water molecules for more hydration

Water tank capacity: 120 mls

Removable water tank

One button operation switch.

Sturdy base

Price: KSh 2,099 View/Buy Now

Acne Facial Steamer

Hot Mist Kills skin bacteria and suppresses acne

Weakens pigmented spots

Restore PH balance of the skin

Clears Blackheads

Power switch button

Uses distilled water

Price: KSh 2,499 View/Buy Now


Tips When Using The Facial Steamer At Home

Prepare your facial skin.  Cleanse to remove makeup and dirt from the surface.

Follow the manufacturers instructions.

Fill the correct amount of distilled water.

Plug the steamer into an outlet and turn it on.

Position your face 10 to 20 inches away from the steam, to avoid burning your skin. This will also help to ensure the steam covers the entire face.

Clean the machine after use.

Do not plug in the steamer without having water.

Buy Facial Steamers Here At Kilimall Kenya Ranging From Kshs 2,000