Ceiling, Table Fans For Sale & Price In Nairobi Kenya

fan-kenyaCeiling, table air circulating fans are designed to keep rooms and enclosed spaces well ventilated and cool.

They normally cool down hot room temperatures at home or at the office.

They are an affordable alternative if you cannot afford more powerful air-conditioner.

Fans are ideal for commercial and household settings.

They come in a wide range of sizes , styles  including rechargeable designs.  Most fans have visible rotating blades designed to circulate fresh air around the room. Others, especially table fans have bladeless design. Bladeless fans are also known as air multiplier.

Price & Availability

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Types Of Fans Available

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are available in a variety of styles. They normally cool the whole room and are designed to suspend from the ceiling.

Standard Ceiling Fan

ramtons-rm-420-standard-ceiling-fan56-inch ceiling fan
Ceiling mounted
Wide design
75 Wattage

5 different speeds
Safe to use
Energy saving
Long lasting motor
White in color

Price: Kshs 2,899 View/Buy Now

Table Fans

Table fans are compact in size. They are lightweight and portable. They are ideal for cooling personal small spaces in the office or at home. They are space saving and can be positioned on a counter top, desk or table.

Some of the table fans have the blade-less design that is safe to use in areas with children. Some of them are wireless and battery operated.

Table-Fan with Hidden Blade

table-fan-with-hidden-bladeBladeless fan.
Air amplification technique.
No indulant air flow
High safety standard
Super quiet
Plastic material
Easy to clean
Easy incline operation
Air-flow knob
Airflow control

Price: Kshs 2,217 View/Buy Now

Sirocco 17cm Bladeless USB Desk Fan

Single speed setting
USB connection
On/off switch
Plastic material
Space saving
Easy to clean
Battery powered
Compact size
White color

Price: Kshs 1,250 View/Buy Now

Biggy Smiles Mini Electric USB Rechargeable Fan

biggy-smiles-mini-electric-usb-rechargeable-fanRechargeable Fan
Single speed setting
USB connection
On/off switch
Black in color
PVC material
Space saving design
Compact size
Working time:2 to 8 Hours
Indicator light

Price: Kshs 1,447 View/Buy Now

Pedestal/ Floor Standing Fans

Floor standing units are also referred to as Pedestal fans. They are ideal for cooling medium to large rooms. They are fitted with a stable sturdy base. They are portable and can be moved from one area to another. Their height is also adjustable for added flexibility.

There are different types of pedestal fans. Some of them are electric designs that have to be plugged into an electric outlet in order to operate. Others are rechargeable units that are battery powered.

Stand Fan 18 Inch

mika-stand-fan-18-inch18 Inch Stand Fan
55 Wattage
Adjustable Tilting / Height Positions
3 Strong banana blades for powerful airflow
Night lamp
Low noise
Steering Base
Attractive design

Price: Kshs 1,849 View/Buy Now

16-inch Free Standing Fan

binatone-a1692b-16-inch-free-standing-fan16-inch Free Standing Fan
3 high efficiency blades
3 speed push button selector
Swivel & height adjustment
2 hour timer
Silent and breezy
128 rib safety grill
AC cord wind
Elegant design

Price: Kshs 2,199 View/Buy Now

Wall Mount Fans

These fans are designed to mount on the wall. They are perfect for areas that have limited floor space.
They are ideal in areas such as workshops, warehouses and garages.

Mika 16-inch – Wall Fan

mika-16-inch-wall-fanWall Fan
16 Inch size
45 Wattage
3 speed setting
Special design 3 banana fan blades
Powerful motor for strong air delivery.
Quiet operation
String control for speed rotation.
Tilting angle adjustment.
180 degree rotation control.

1 Year Warranty

Price: Kshs 3,095 View/Buy Now

Von Hotpoint Wall Fan with Remote Control

hotpoint-hfw661b-wall-fan-with-remote-blackWall Fan
16-inch Grill with Remote Control
Tough Blade (5 fins)
Reinforced Grill
450mins Timer
Adjustable tilting positions
Powerful & Durable Copper Motor (60 Watts)
Low noise
Powerful Air Throw
3 Speeds
3 Blowing Modes

1 Year Warranty

Price: Kshs 5,195 View/Buy Now

Tower Fans

Tower fans are tall and narrow. They are ideal in areas that have limited floor or counter-top space. They are ideal for compact, small spaces at the office or home. Small tower fans are designed to be positioned on a desk while large units are floor standing.

36-inch Tower Fan

von-hotpoint-36-inch-tower-fan36-inch Tower fan
65 Wattage
100% copper motor
8 Hours Timer
80 degrees Horizontal Oscillation
LED Display
Anion to Purify Air
3 Speeds & Blowing modes
With Remote Control & battery
Very easy to install

1 Year Warranty

Price: Kshs 5,195 View/Buy Now

Box Fans

Box fans circulate indoor air and can be placed on an open window or on the floor. They are perfect for home cooling needs.

 Box Fan

mika-box-fanType: Box Fan
Size: 12-inch
5 blades
Form: Square
Easy to use
60mins Timer
Low noise
Light and Dark Grey color
Top mounted controls
Sturdy base

1 Year Warranty

Price: Kshs 2,070 View/Buy Now

Misting Fans

Misting fans are floor standing units designed to blow cool fine mist into the hot air. When the mist evaporates, it leaves behind cool fresh air. These are ideal for hot outdoor areas.

Armco 16-inch Mist Cooling Fan

armco-16-inch-mist-cooling-fan16-inch Mist Cooling Fan
Round Base
3 Speed settings
Humidifier water tank
Control Switch
Remote Control
Adjustable electroplated shaft
Wind Mode
Elegant grill
1 Year Warranty

Price: Kshs 9,995 View/Buy Now

An ideal fan should be sturdy, have low noise level & great cooling performance, easy to use and also to clean.

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