Food Steamers & Egg Cooker/Steamer For Sale & Price In Kenya

Food steamers allows you to steam your vegetables, meat and fish. Egg cooker/Steamer is a small appliance that is fast and convenient to use.

Steaming is a healthy way to cook food.

Steamed food prepared without addition of extra oils is usually healthy and nutritious.

You will find single function food steamers or other multi-functional designs such as rice cookers that have been designed to perform other functions and also steam food.

Price & Availability

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Food Steamers

Food steamers feature steaming baskets and lids. Some have one steaming basket while others have more than one baskets so that you can steam different ingredients at the same time.

They are available in different designs, brands and prices.

Food Steamer

800 Watt

Control Type: electronic

2 Steaming Bowls With 6 Egg Slots

1L Rice Bowl

3 Liter Bowl

Auto Switch Off

90 minutes timer

Easy to use

Price: Kshs 4,270 Buy Now

5 Liter Steamer

5L capacity

Aroma infuser

2 nestable baskets

Pre-set timing

Dishwasher safe

Egg rack

External water inlet

Price: Kshs 7,695 Buy Now

Egg Cooker/Steamer

An egg cooker/Steamer is an electrical appliance that quickly makes soft, medium and hard-boiled eggs. It is available in different sizes and colors. This appliance is a time saver and also frees your main cooker for other meals.

The appliance cooks by use of steam from a heated water reservoir.

Some egg steamers are multi function capable of frying eggs or other foods.

Loving Life Egg Steamer

Easy to operate

Cooks in just 7 minutes

Has plastic water reservoir

Metal poaching tray for holding eggs

Holds one to seven eggs at a time as well.

Automatically switches off when eggs are ready

Available in pink & yellow color

Price: Kshs 790 Buy Now

Egg Steamer & Pan

Boils and fries your eggs

Frying eggs and other food such as fish, pancakes etc.

Electric Frying pan


Removable egg attachment

Clear Lid for Covering

Non-stick coating

Price: Kshs 1290 Buy Now

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