Fridge & Freezer Prices In Kenya – LG, Samsung, Ramtons

fridgeYou will agree with me that fridges and freezers are handy appliances for every household. Both cheap and high-end expensive models are available in the market.

In addition, these appliances also ideal for different business situations. These appliances come in a wide range of sizes, colors and brands.

You will find a wide range of brands available in the Kenyan market.

Available brands include LG, Samsung, Ramtons, Bruhm, Von Hotpoint, Toshiba, Mika, & Icecool among others. Price vary from one brand to another.

Price & Availability

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There are different refrigerator types available which include coolers, side-by-side models, single door and double door designs. Chest freezers also come in large and small sizes.

Single Door Refrigerator

A single-door refrigerator is perfect for low traffic flow and for storage of small food quantities. It is perfect for small kitchens, offices or mini bars. These fridges are compact in size and appropriate for small families of two to three members. Because of their small capacity, they do occupy very little space. Compared to two-door designs,one-door design is usually energy efficient.
Price ranges from Kshs 12,300 to 40,000Buy Single Door Fridge Here

Double Door Fridges

A double door refrigerator is usually larger in size than a single door fridge. Since you get to open the door of the refrigerator, without opening the freezer door, electricity consumption is less. This two-door design is ideal for large kitchens. They provides better cooling and are also frost free. If you have a busy kitchen, and you have to keep opening the refrigerator section to pick items now and then, the best option will be to buy a two door design.
These double door fridges come as bottom mount freezers or top mount freezers.
Price ranges from Kshs 22,000 to 120,000 Buy Double Door Fridge Here

Top-Mount Freezer

Double Door Fridge

Top-Mount Freezer has a big freezing section at the top to keep your food frozen with another refrigerator section at the bottom for keeping drinks chilled and food fresh. These are the common traditional designs.
Price ranges from Kshs 22,000 to 120,000 Buy Top Mount Freezers Here

Bottom Mount Freezers

Bottom Mount Freezers

A bottom mount freezer comes with a freezing section at the bottom and a refrigeration section at the top. This means you have easy access to the busiest section that is located at eye level. This bottom design is great for those who do not like bending all the time or the elderly. These freezers often come with pull-out drawers with more space to store larger items. The design is also child-friendly especially if you want your children to access ice cream.

Price ranges from Kshs 22,000 to 120,000 Buy Bottom Mount Freezers Here

Side by Side Refrigerators

Side by Side Refrigerators

Side by Side Refrigerators have two doors that open side by side allowing you to view your food easily so that you do not miss any product that is about to expire. They come with big capacity and large storage space to organize your products. They are stylish and fashionable. They are pricey and some of them have water and ice dispensers. They come with different-sized bins and adjustable shelves allowing you to expand the interior space.

Prices range from Kshs 70,000 to 240,000. Buy Side by Side Refrigerators Here

Mini Refrigerators

Mini Refrigerator
Mini refrigerators are compact in design and perfect for college hostels, hotel rooms or hospital rooms.  They function as full designs, keeping your drinks cool and food in a fresh state. When buying a mini design, ensure the design is easily portable to move from one living area to another. They are small in size and lightweight. Most of them have storage space of 5 cubic feet and below.

Mini travel fridges are an effective way to keep your drinks and food in a fresh cool state anywhere, even when you are on the go.Some of these fridges that have been designed for use when travelling especially on long road trips.
They are usually portable and some are fitted with wheels.Mini travel fridges usually fit in the car and some of them have been designed to run on the 12v-current provided by the car cigarette lighter. These are ideal for camping, fishing trips or during picnic treats. Most of these fridges feature single door design.
There are a variety of brands and designs available in the market.

Prices range from Kshs 12,000 Buy Mini Refrigerators Here

Chest Freezers


Chest Freezers allows you to store bulky and large items. They offer large storage capacity and are perfect for those with large families, businesses or institutions. Large chest freezers are costly compared to small freezers.
They are budget friendly but usually have large width that consumes a bit of your floor space. Most of them come with LED lighting for illuminating the interior for visibility.

Deep Chest Freezers usually provide ample space to store perishable foods and drinks. They are handy appliances perfect for home and business outlet areas.Chest freezers have a box type of design with a top lid.Their capacity ranges from 60 litres to 700 litres. They are normally used to store bulky food items.They are energy efficient and normally keeps food in a fresh state for long period in case of power outage.

Prices range from Kshs 15,000. Buy Chest Freezers Here

Beverage Coolers
beverage coolers

Coolers are designed to keep a wide range of beverages chilled and ready to drink. You can keep beer, wine, water, juices or water. They are ideal for entertaining during parties as well as for businesses and commercial entities such as supermarkets and shops. Most of them feature clear transparent glass doors, adjustable shelves, free standing design, Interior Lighting among others.

Prices range from Kshs 25,000 to 80,000. Buy Beverage Coolers Here

Factors To Consider When Buying A New Refrigerator & Freezer


One of the aspects to take into consideration  when  determining the appropriate size to buy is the dimensions of the space that you intend to position your fridge or freezer. Ensure that you have adequate space to enable the door open freely and additional space at the sides and back so as to allow the air to circulate.

In addition, you should also consider the available interior space usually provided in cubic feet.


Before buying a new fridge determine whether you prefer a single or a double door design.

Storage Capacity

Determine your storage needs and examine your shopping habits to ensure you get to pick the ideal appliance. Storage capacity is is measured in liters and usually described as food storage volume. A higher amount of liters indicates how large the storage capacity will be.


Extra features that provide convenience should also be taken into consideration. Such features include frost free operation, anti-bacteria filter, quick-chill functions, lockable door or lid and ice making feature.


It is important to pick a color or a finish that will complement with your kitchen interior or one that with match with other appliances.

Storage Baskets & Shelves

In order to keep your food items well organized, it is important to factor in the number and form factor of shelves and storage baskets available.


Are you looking for a commercial fridge/freezer or you are looking for a design for home use? Being able to determine the purpose of the appliance will help you determine on the appropriate size and capacity.


A functional appliance should come with reliable warranty.

What To Consider When Buying A Chest Freezer

Freezer Capacity

Before buying a chest freezer, it is important to determine the appropriate capacity to determine whether the unit will be adequate for your business or home use.


It is important to list your desired features for instance, would you prefer a freezer with automatic or manual defrosting function? What number of shelves or baskets would you prefer your freezer to have.

Size of Your Space

In order to determine whether to buy a compact or a large unit, take into consideration the dimensions of the space you intend to keep the freezer. Bear in mind that chest freezers usually occupy much width compared to upright designs.

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