Garment Steamers, Clothes Steamers For Sale & Price In Kenya

A garment steamer allows you to refresh your clothes and smooth out wrinkles.

These clothes steamers are ideal for delicate clothes and those that are difficult to iron such as suits, jackets and so on.

In addition, they can also use them to refresh draperies, beddings and furniture upholstery.

They are easier and faster to use than regular ironing.

Clothes steamers come in a variety of designs, sizes and brands.

Price & Availability

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Standing Garment Steamers

Standing Garment Steamer is ideal for professional and home use. The steamer has a tall rod (where the garment is positioned), a nozzle, a hose, power cord and water reservoir located at the base. The water is filled in the reservoir at the base and heated to produce steam.

Philips 1600W Garment Steamer

Uses tap water

1600 Wattage

Detachable water tank

Refill any time

1.6 meter Power cord

1.3 meter Hose

Safe for all fabrics

1400 ml Water tank

Price: KSh 17,995 Buy Now

Travel Garment Steamers

Travel Garment Steamers are compact in design. They are portable and can easily fit in a suitcase. They come in a variety of styles and design. Some of them come with accessories such as fabric brush allowing you to even clean your clothes. They can also be used at home occasionally.

Mini Garment Steamer

Portable and small size

Safe for all fabrics

Transparent water tank

Safe and convenient


10 minutes Steam duration

0.8L water tank capacity

Price: KSh 1,909 Buy Now

Handheld Garment Steamers

Handheld garment steamers are portable and lightweight. They have an ergonomic handle design. They are small in size and have a smaller water reservoir than the standing design. They are perfect for delicate clothes.

Handheld Clothes Steamer

700 Wattage

Easy to fill

100ml water tank capacity

Automatic shut-off

Dual safety protection system

Ergonomic handle

10 minutes Steam duration

Price: KSh 2,399 Buy Now

What To Consider When Buying Clothes Steamer

If you intend to refresh your draperies, or other higher surfaces get a steamer with a good reach.

If you constantly have a large workload, get a large unit with large water reservoir for continuous steam supply without the need to keep refilling.

Check for features such as automatic shut-off for safety precaution especially if the unit doesn’t have water or it is too hot.

Check for a nozzle design that is able to distribute steam powerfully and consistently.

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