Graduation Gifts, Ideas & Price In Kenya

Graduation Gifts  should be unique essentials that will support the graduate in their future plans.

There are a wide range of gifts to help men and women transition from student life to their career.

For those likely to continue with their education, school supplies will definitely be handy and practical.

Whether you are shopping for a gift for your daughter, son, friend or relative, it is  important to take into consideration, the age of their graduate, their preferences, hobbies and so on.

Here Is Our Top 10 Graduation Gift Ideas


A tablet is usually a great gift for either gender.

It helps to keep individuals connected, entertained, well informed, and organized.

There are different types of tablets available featuring different connectivity features.

Price ranges from Kshs 4,000

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Power bank Charger

Power bank charger will provide ample back up power for devices such as Smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and other digital gadgets.

This portable charging device will keep an individual entertained, watching movies or listening to music even when on the go.

Price ranges from Kshs 400

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laptopLaptops are ideal gifts for those continuing with their studies and those looking to jumpstart their career.

The laptop will allow them to browse the web for job adverts and send emails.

Laptops come with different specifications and varied price points.

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USB Flash Drives

This USB flash drive will help in transferring and sharing of data between Smartphones, tablets and laptops.

They also offer ample storage for music files, documents and photos.

Price differ depending on the storage capacity and brand.

Price ranges from Kshs 400

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Laptop Bags

Whether it is a messenger type of laptop bag or a backpack design, it will definitely come in handy for every individual joining the work force.

These laptop bags also come with different compartments for carrying documents and other essentials.

Price ranges from Kshs 600

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Self Stirring Mug

This self stirring mug is ideal for busy individuals.

It is perfect for home use, office or when traveling.

It is great for preparing tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soups, milk and so on.

No need to carry a spoon, Just mix your ingredients and then press the stirring button for a perfect cup of coffee or chocolate.

It is safe to use with no messes or liquid splashing.

Price ranges from Kshs 500

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Laptop Cooling Pad

A Laptop cooling Pad supports various laptop sizes and provides a stable working surface.

It comes with a mesh which optimizes the air flow to rapidly dissipate the huge amount of heat generated in the laptop housing.

Price ranges from Kshs 800

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Picture Frame

A Picture Frame is an ideal gift that will allow the graduate to frame their graduation day photo.

This particular frame can be used either hanging or standing, both horizontally and vertically.

Price ranges from Kshs 500

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Leather Folder

A Leather Folder is ideal for business conferences and traveling.

The folder keeps documents safe and organized.

The Leather design is stylish and fashionable.

The folder comes with a pen holder, business card slots, and document pocket.

Price ranges from Kshs 1000

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