Guitars For Sale & Prices In Kenya – Yamaha

The different types of guitars available in the Kenyan market are Electric guitars, classical guitars and Ukulele stringed instruments.

They usually differ in their play-ability and sound quality.

Guitars come with diverse features, sizes and shapes.

There are different models designed for kids, beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

There are a variety of brands available. Yamaha guitars are popular and you can check them here.

Price & Availability

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Types of Guitars Available

Classical Guitars

Classical guitars feature nylon strings.

They are ideal for playing classical music, Jazz, romantic music among others.

They produce dynamic warm and soft sound.

This type is ideal for beginners as it is easier to use with the fingertips.

They can also be used by professionals.

Classical guitars are best played when one is seated.

Many of them feature wooden back and side.

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Electric Guitars

Electric guitars are easy to play.

They have to be plugged into an amplifier.

They normally have steel strings and a solid body.

They are ideal for playing amplified music, blues, jazz, pop & Disco music among others.

These electric guitars are perfect for large venues and band set up.

They are well suited for advanced or professional users.

They also cost more compared to other types.

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Ukulele Guitars

Ukulele is a type of stringed instrument with 4 nylon strings.

They are easy to play and learn.

They come in affordable prices.

They are suitable for those with limited budget.

The different type of Ukuleles available include the baritone, soprano, tenor and concert.

These Ukulele Guitars are usually portable.

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What To Consider When Buying A Guitar

Type of Use

Classic guitars are best-suited for home use and small venues. Electric guitars are popular in large and professional settings.


If you are on a limited budget, picking an affordable Ukulele is a good option.

Music Style

Choose the appropriate guitar designed to effectively play your genre of music.


Medium and small sized guitars are ideal for young children. Full-size guitars are great for adult use.


If you are always on the move, choose units that are lighter and portable. Ukulele are popular because of their portability.

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