Hair Dryer For Sale & Price In Kenya

A Hair Dryer is usually a handy tool designed to dry and style your hair.

These blow dryers are ideal for commercial and home use.

A quality professional dryer together with other hair styling equipment are necessities for every saloon business.
There are different brands available at affordable prices.

Price & Availability

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Features To Look Out For When Buying A Hair Dryer

Adjustable Temperature Settings

Styling and powerful drying all require different temperature settings. The type of hair being processed also determines the appropriate temperature settings. Lower settings are appropriate for styling. Higher settings are ideal for powerful drying especially on coarse, wet hair.


A hair dryer with a higher wattage means that the motor is able to work fast and harder, so that the hair dries in a shorter time.

Ionic Technology

A blow dryer with ionic technology usually generates charged negative ions that lock in moisture in the hair. These negative ions also helps to eliminate static hair as well as conditioning and smoothing the hair. These dryers are great for frizzy hair, damaged, dry hair and also thick hair.

Structural Design

If you are choosing a blow-dryer for saloon use, choose a lightweight unit with ergonomic design to allow for smooth, easier handling so as to avoid strain on the hands. Some dryers come with shockproof and reinforced external body. Others features are rubberized handles for easier handling.


If you are always on-the-go and looking out for a blow-dryer to carry along, choose designs that are small, compact and portable. Most of them come with fold-able handle for convenient storage.

Length Of The Power Cord

An ideal dryer should come with a power cord that is long enough for extended reach and ease of operation. For instance, A 3 Meter power cable, will allow the hairdresser to easily move around while working.

Speed Settings

Most dryers come with multiple speed settings. Higher speed settings are ideal for thick, coarse hair while lower speed settings are ideal for drying fine hair.

Buy Hair Dryer Here At Kilimall Kenya Ranging From Kshs 600