Hair Rollers For Sale & Price In Kenya

Hair rollers are very handy accessories for use at home especially when managing your hair all by yourself.

They make it easier for everyone to curl their hair at anytime of the day even  in a hooded dryer ..

In addition, rollers help in keeping the strands smooth by straightening out the frizzes. This helps to keep the strands shiny, healthy and in great condition.

These rollers are a quick and easy way to style your hair.

Price & Availability

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Hair rollers help in creating perfect looking bouncy curls and waves. They also add volume and body to the hair.
They are very handy and practical for those who love to refresh their hair with curls and gorgeous waves.

Most of them come as sets and you will be able to find compactly packaged sets for traveling or camping. You can use them on dry, wet or damp hair. They can also be used on both permed and natural hair.

These hair-curlers usually make it easier to manage your hair quickly and also keep it under-control.

Generally, rollers are available in large, medium and small sizes for use on long, medium-length or short-hair.
You will definitely be able to get the right size to make beautiful smooth, curls.

Types Of Hair Rollers

They are available as non-heated rollers and heated rollers.

Non Heated Rollers

Non Heated rollers are ideal for both daytime and nighttime use. They are soft, spongy, flexible and comfortable to wear when going to bed. They have a smooth surface that won’t break or snag the hair.

They usually create great curls and usually do not require pins or grips as they are designed to hold the hair easily. They can also be used with styling products as well as styling solutions for a more permanent curl.
These non heated rollers are usually less damaging to the hair. They are gentle and don’t cause any damage. They are a good alternative to those who don’t enjoy curling irons.

You will find them in the market as foam rollers, soft twist rollers or as bendy rollers. In addition, they are also available as cold-wave rollers that are designed for creating defined spirals in medium-length and short hair.

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Heated rollers

These rollers are usually heated by plugging them into an outlet. They normally heat up pretty quickly and once heated, you are able to wrap around small sections creating perfect curls. Most of them come with pins that hold the rollers in position as they curl the hair.

Hot rollers for instance are easy to use and usually take about 1 to 15 minutes to heat, few minutes to roll them, and about 10-20 minutes in-the-hair, depending on how long you want the curls to last . You can also use hot-curlers to add volume to your fine hair.

Most of these curlers come with clips to help grip the hair-sections firmly in order keep in constant contact with the heated surface.

Hair Roller Tips

  • It is important to plan well and have adequate time to keep the curlers in and also to allow them to curl the hair properly before you remove them.
  • In order to get good results, you should divide your thick-long-hair into plenty of small sections and then wrap tightly and smoothly around the roller.
  • The good thing is that once the curlers have been set, you can continue with your other routine including applying make-up.
  • If you find yourself struggling with curling irons and round brushes that burn your scalp or fingers, it is time to get a set of hair rollers.

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