Human Hair Weaves For Sale In Kenya

Human Hair Weaves are popular because of their ability to add volume and length to your natural-hair.

Weaves and extensions are ideal for women with short and thinning hair.

This type of weaves are soft, shinier and longer-lasting than the synthetic type.

These weaves and extensions can be cut, washed, dyed and styled. They come in different shades, texture and lengths.

They are also heat resistant and can be blow-dried, curled and straightened.

Human-hair wigs are also popular in women.

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Types of Human-Hair Weaves Available In The Market

The most popular types are the Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian and Malaysian types.


Brazilian type is very popular.

It has luxurious texture and versatility.

It is also smooth and shiny.

It styles well and is quite durable.

Its colors range from light brown to black.

Ideal for women who prefer thick, bouncy hair styles.

Available in varied length.

You can get it short, long or extra long.


Peruvian is coarser and thicker in texture.

It is voluminous but lightweight in design.

It is also extremely manageable.

It comes in natural colors of dark or light brown’

Also includes slightly blonde shades.

It is ideal for those looking for thick hair styles.

It easy to dye.

It is also easy to maintain.


Indian is thick and coarse.

It comes in dark colors.

The hair is shiny and straight.

It comes with soft texture

Can be bleached or dyed

It has long length.

It is also easy to straighten.

This hair is ideal for those who prefer sleek straight and shiny hair styles.


Malaysian is soft and silky.

It has great bounce and heavy body.

It also has good volume.

Its thickness and texture varies.

It is ideal for naturally wavy or curly styles.

Can be Curled, Dyed and Bleached.

Ideal for women who prefer long curly styles.

The market has other types originating from other countries.

Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Human-Hair Weave

Avoid overheating your hair.

Use a hair protectant  to reduce damage.

Handle your hair gently.

It is advisable to comb your hair starting at the bottom and work your way up.

Trim split ends.

Keep your weave clean by washing and maintaining it regularly.

Detangle your hair before washing.

Buy Human Hair Weaves Here At Kilimall Kenya From Kshs 400