Cheap Wigs For Sale In Nairobi Kenya

Wigs are natural looking and also come with a soft touch.

They are ideal for daily use, costume or party wear.

Wigs are very popular because they do add volume to your hair and are also easy to change from one style to another.

These wigs are long-lasting and come in different lengths. There are both synthetic and Human Hair types of wigs.

Most of these Human Hair Wigs can be curled, dyed or bleached.

They also come in different textures ranging from curly, wavy and straight styles.

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Types of Wigs


Full Lace Wigs

They have the entire wig cap made from lace.

They are designed to allow for style versatility.

They have a lightweight fit.

Full Lace Wigs allows for styling of ponytails, high up dos and multi-directional parting.

They usually create a natural looking and flawless hairline.

They have different lengths and styles

Lace Front Wigs

Lace Front Wigs come with lace material only in the front area of the cap.

The rear part of the wig features a regular thick netted wig cap.

Lace Front Wigs have limited style possibilities.

Human Hair Wigs are ideal for those who prefer a higher quality texture of hair.

When buying your wig, take into consideration, the color, length and texture.

How To Take Care of Your Wig

Clean with shampoo and warm water.
Air Dry
Comb and smooth out with the right brush and hair spray.

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