Iron Box For Sale & Price In Kenya – Philips, Ramtons

iron-boxIron boxes offer crease removal function. They are handy electrical appliances for ironing wrinkled laundry. There are a wide range of these appliances with different features and style.

Available models include the steam model and the dry model.

The dry iron box is the basic model and is designed to remove wrinkles by pressure. This model is usually heavy in design in order to create pressure. Check dry iron-boxes here

The steam model is lightweight and easy to use. This model has the steam function that produces fine mist to evenly moisten the creased fabric in order to iron out creases. Check Steam Iron Boxes Here

Iron Boxes are readily available in Kenyan online stores at very affordable price rates.

Price & Availability

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Features To Consider When Buying An Iron Box

Variable Temperature Control

Variable temperature control settings help in heat regulation. This helps to save power and also gives the ability to iron different type of fabrics efficiently. The varied temperature settings include low, medium, and hot settings.


Iron boxes come with different sole plates ranging from non-stick, aluminium, ceramic and Stainless steel.

Non stick sole plate is easy to clean and allows for easy gliding on all fabrics. Aluminum and Stainless steel material provides easy transfer of heat.

Pointed Tip

Pointed tip design allows easy ironing on hard to reach areas especially between pleats and area around the buttons.


Steam models are lightweight while dry irons are heavy in design.

Over Heating Protection Feature

Over heating protection feature protects against accidental electrical fires.

Transparent Water Tank

Steam models with transparent water tanks allows users to check the water level when ironing.

Automatic shut-off Feature

This feature will turn the iron-box off when left motionless.

Power Cord

An extra long power cord makes it easy to iron clothes. An iron box with stable heel rest and an integrated cord storage is always an added advantage.

Comfortable and Ergonomic Handle

A comfortable and ergonomic handle design provides the right grip, so that the hand can fit well without slipping during ironing.

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