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juice-extractorManual as well as Electric Juicers and Juice Extractors are vital kitchen appliances that allow you to extract fresh juice from fruits and vegetables.

Juicers differ from blenders since they do retain vital nutrients such as fiber during the extraction process.

There are different types of juicers in the market using different processing method. Manual juicers are designed to extract citrus-type of fruits.

Others including food processors are designed to shred fruits and vegetables. They come in different sizes and shapes.

Their price differ depending on their feature and processing method. There are different brands ranging from Von Hotpoint, Kenwood, Ramtons, Saturn and much more.

Price & Availability

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Juice Extractors

Making your own juice recipes at home can be fun for every healthy conscious individual.

Juice extractors come in handy for those who are always interested in high quality juicing.

These handy kitchen appliances allows you to extract juice from fruits, stems and vegetables, without leaving the important nutrients behind.

Juice extractors are available in different designs, sizes and brands. They prices also do vary from one brand to another.

Here are the best Juicers & Juice Extractors To Buy Online In Kenya.

Multifuctional Juicer

saturn-st-fp8085-d-juicerPulse function
2 speeds for soft and hard products
Stainless Steel body
1 Liter Jug
Extra-large feeder tube
Stainless steel Mesh filter basket
Overheat protection
Safety lock
Non-slip feet
Low noise level

2 year warranty

Price: KSh 7,100 View/Buy Now

2 in 1 – Juice Extractor & Blender

armco-2-in-1-juice-extractor-blender2 in 1 juicer
1.5L Blender
Convenient and flexible
Powerful performance
Low Noise
Grinder mill
2 adjustable speed settings
Safety lock

Price: KSh 4,395 View/Buy Now

Saturn ST-FP8051 D Juicer

saturn-st-fp8051-d-juicerPower: 350 W
Capacity pulp container: 1 liter
Capacity for juice: 0.3 liters
17 000 r/min speed of rotation
1 high-speed mode
Stainless steel filter
Security lock
Non-slip feet
Protection against overheating

2 year warranty

Price: KSh 5,400 View/Buy Now

Delight Handheld Fruit and Vegetable Juicer & Extractor

delight-handheld-fruit-and-vegetable-juicer-extractorManual Juicer
Doesn’t use electricity
Separates juice from pulp in one easy step
Handheld design
Strong stable base
Stainless steel strainer
Multipurpose juicing
Ideal for traveling & camping,
Easy to use
Easy to operate
Detachable Parts

Price: KSh 1,699 View/Buy Now

Kenwood KJ770 Juicer

kenwood-kj770-juicer1000 W
Pulse function
2 speeds for soft and hard products
Stainless Steel body
1 Liter Jug
2 Liter Pulp container
Extra-large feeder tube
Overheat protection
Safety lock
Non-slip feet

Price: KSh 6,000 View/Buy Now

Ramtons RM/278 – 3-in-1 Juicer

ramtons-rm-278-3-in-1-juicer3 in 1 combination : extracting, blending, milling
500W powerful motor
Stainless steel sharp spinner
1000ML Clear Glass container
With specially designed scrapper
Strong & durable jug blender
Dry mill for quick processed ingredients
With safety clip lock
Unique micro-mesh filter
Easy cleaning

1 year warranty

Price: KSh 5,850 View/Buy Now

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Features to Look for When Buying A Juicer

Single Function Versus Multi-functional Juicer

Juicers with single function are able to only extract juice, while multi-functional juicers are able to extract juice, blend food, make smoothies and mill spices.

Extra-large Wide Tube

An extra-large feeder tube will easily fit most whole fruits and vegetables without pre-chopping them.

Multiple Speeds

Multiple Speeds allows you to extract juice from both hard products like apple, and also soft produce like melon and grapes.

Non-Slip Feet

Rubber non-slip feet helps to keep the juicer stable and steady.

Safety Lock

A safety lock keeps the juicer in a non functional mode until the lock has been triggered.

Large Juice Jug/Collector

A large jug will allow you make large amount of juice at once. A clear jug is also handy.

Manual or Electric Operated

Manual juicers do not require electricity to operate and therefore ideal for rural areas or when camping and travelling. Electric juicers are easy to operate and require electricity to operate.

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