Kids Toy Cars For Sale & Price In Kenya

Toy Cars are ideal for toddlers and older children for development of different skills as well as for entertainment and play.

Toy cars help in development of motor and sensory skills. Kids get to develop object recognition including the ability to pull and grasp.

There are a wide variety of Kids Toys available for sale online. They come in different sizes and with different features.

Some toy cars are small in size while others are large enough for kids to ride-on. Some of them come with moving wheels and other parts.

Some of these toy-vehicles are usually maneuvered manually by hand, while others are remote controlled.

Price & Availability

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Choosing The Right Toy Car For Each Age

Choose simple toys for young infants and advanced models for older children.

Toddlers Aged 1 to 2 Years

Avoid buying small tiny toys for this age as they are likely to cause choking hazard.

Choose toy-cars with few moving parts and those with simple controls.

Pick toys that are brightly colored and also lightweight toys that are easy to carry around.

3 To 5 Years

Choose toy cars with advanced detailed features such as sound and lights.

Pick toys with multiple moving parts.

Ride-on-cars are also ideal for this age-group.

Above 5 Years

This age-group loves advanced toy cars with speed and those that are remote controlled.

Choose toys that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor control.

Ride-on-cars are also appropriate for this age.

Get large toys with features such as detailed interior, openable doors, detailed rims and so on.

Buy Toy Cars Here At Kilimall Kenya Ranging From Kshs 300