Label Printers For Sale & Price In Kenya

Label Printers are designed to print product labels, bar codes, shipping labels, mailing labels and so on.

The different types available include the handheld and desktop label printers.

Label printers come in a vast array of features and a variety sizes.

They are used in different settings at offices, home, business and industrial environment.

Compared to inkjet or laser printers, these label printers require minimal maintenance cost.

Price & Availability

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Types Of Label Printers Available

Handheld Label Printers

Handheld Label Printers are portable and compact.

They are designed for use while on the go even in outdoor areas.

They have a small display and a keyboard for easy input.

They are battery powered.

They are ideal for home use, electricians and simple office use.

They feature an ergonomic design for a comfortable hand grip.

They feature affordable pricing

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Desktop Label Printers

Desktop Label Printers feature QWERTY or ABC keyboard.

They also come with an easy to read LCD display.

The display allows you to preview the image before printing.

They are ideal for light office, school and retail use.

They are usually battery powered.

They have a sturdy wider base.

They come with a range of built-in symbols, frames and fonts.

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Features To Look Out For When Buying A Label Printer

Printing Speed

A label printer with high speed rating is convenient and easy to use.

Connectivity Options

Some of the printers do support Ethernet and wireless connectivity. It is important to ensure that the printer can be able to communicate with your devices.

Label Cutter

These printers come with either manual or auto cutter.

An in-built auto cutter allows you create any label size.

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