Ladies Shoes For Sale In Nairobi

Ladies shoes in Nairobi come in an array of styles to fit different outfits and occasion.

They also come in different colors and patterns.

Popular styles include heels, wedges, loafers, ankle boots, sneakers and flats.

Whether you are looking for a shoe for the office, casual event or dinner date you will definitely find the right style.

Price & Availability

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Types of Ladies Shoes Available For Sale In Nairobi & How To Wear Them

Are great for work, cocktail parties and other social engagements. There are different heel sizes ranging from short knitten heels, medium heels and the high stiletto heels. Block chunky Heels come with a thicker heel which helps to distribute your weight.

They come with a wedged heel. They have a fashionable look and are ideal for day-wear, social and casual engagements. The different styles available are the wedge sandals, sneaker wedges among others.

Ankle Boots
Boots are ideal for the rainy season. They will keep you feet protected from mud and water.

Loafers are flat slip on shoes for both casual and office wear. They are easy to wear, light and comfortable. They do not have buckles or laces.  Wondering what to wear during the hot weather? Get these comfy loafer shoes. They work well with ankle length jeans, shorts and pants.

Available in a variety of patterns. They are well designed to cushion and support the feet. Great for casual and sports events.

Sandals are ideal for casual events, lunch dates also for beach wear. They are great for the hot weather. They range from flip flops, gladiators and slide sandals. Can be worn with shorts, skinny jeans and most knee length dresses.

These are great for office wear and casual smart dressing. They are available in different styles including slippers, canvas flats, moccasins, ballet flats, among others. Perfect for those who are busy commuting.

Running/Walking Shoes

These are well designed to support and cushion your leg when walking , running and so on.

Buy Ladies Shoes Here At Kilimall Kenya Ranging From Kshs 500