Lamp Shades For Sale In Nairobi Kenya

A lamp shade is a fun, beautiful and elegant way to liven up a living space.

A good way to punch up the decor in your home or office without too much expense is by the use of lamp shades.

They come in a vast array of styles and colors to suit any home or office.

These lampshades are made of different materials including paper, metal, glass, fabric, and leather shades.

They also come in various sizes and heights. A variety of shapes available includes rectangular, drum, empire, oval and square.

Price & Availability

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Tips To Consider When Choosing Lamp Shades

Each of the different types available have their own unique quality and essence, and pertain to all sorts of consumers with different needs and ideas.

There are various factors to consider when buying these shades and making an informed decision is always the way to go.

The most important factor when choosing the shade needed, is to look at your home’s decoration and style, and then match it to that.

Keep in mind the ambiance you wish to create when choosing the lamp shade. A soft amber glow is very flattering to people of all skin tones, and is a good choice for the bedroom or living room.

In the office, a bright white glass lamp shade might be the better choice. When you need light in an attractive form for a difficult spot in your home or office, you can’t go wrong with a glass lampshades.

Paper shades a great way to dress a room up inexpensively. They create a soft lighting glow that is both modern and old-world at the same time. Leaning towards an Asian flair with a delicate elegance, these paper-shades fit well into almost any decor. They inspire attention by their form alone, are lightweight, and they are often not too pricy.

Picking the correct lampshades will make all the difference when decorating your home. It will bring out certain colors in the rooms and furniture, and create a certain mood.

Buy Lamp Shades Here At Kilimall Kenya Ranging From Kshs 1000