Latest Handbags For Sale & Price In Kenya

If you are looking for the latest handbags in the market, then this is the right place to sample different designs that are readily available.

A quality handbag is a handy fashion accessory for every woman.

It is also a necessity for every woman who is on the go whether to the office or for any outdoor activities.

These handbags come in different sizes and colors.

A quality handbag will accommodate and protect your makeup, tablet, Smartphone, keys and even a magazine.

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Different Latest Handbag Designs Available

Luxury Classic Handbags

Luxury classic Bags will outlast any trend.

These bags are elegant and luxurious.

Most of them feature genuine leather material.

These handbags cost more than other designs.

They have a number of compartments and inner pockets.

They come with shiny attractive hardware.

They are also stylish and durable.

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Shoulder Bags

A Shoulder handbag is ideal for both formal and informal activities.

This design is sporty and sleek.

Some of them feature sophisticated designs.

They come with either one or two long shoulder straps.

Most of them feature a number of compartments.

They also feature small interior or exterior pockets for small essentials.

Available in a variety of sizes.

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Satchel Bags

Satchel Bags are either small or large.

This handbag is well structured.

Some of them are made of leather material.

It features a flat wide bottom.

It features one or two top handles

These bags also come with attractive hardware.

They have a stable base.

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Tote Bag

A tote bag is ideal for going to the office, traveling or for everyday activities.

Most of these bags feature square and rectangular designs.

They come with two shoulder straps and a wide base.

Leather totes are perfect for the office.

Canvas tote bags are great for outdoor activities.

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Bucket Handbags

A bucket handbag is roomy with an easy closure.

It has a bucket design.

Most of these bagsĀ  have a button or drawstring closure.

Most of these bags also feature a long strap and two shoulder straps.

They do not have many compartments.

They accommodate multiple items.

Some of the these bucket handbags have interior side closures.

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Crossbody Handbags

The crossbody bag has a long sturdy strap.

This bag is versatile and can be used when travelling or during outdoor activities.

It is lightweight in design.

It is ideal for those days when your hands are full.

It comes in handy when going for shopping since your hands are free to do other things.

Most of these bags do feature zipper closure.

Most of them come in small and medium sizes.

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Clutch Bags

The clutch bag is a smaller design that is easy to grab on your palm.

This bag is carried on the hand.

Some of the clutch bags do come with removable straps.

Ideal when going out to an evening event, to a wedding or for casual activities.

A clutch is a popular fashion accessory for your evening attire.

They feature different type of materials including velvet, leather and so on.

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Weekender Bag

A Weekender handbag is large in size.

This bag is able to accommodate large items.

Great for weekend trips.

It has large capacity for everything you need in your trip.

It is also ideal for use when going to the gym or during shopping.

It can also be used as a diaper bag.

Most of these bags have multiple pockets

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Beach Bags

Beach bags are designed with colorful straw, bamboo or canvas material.

There are medium sized for carrying your beach wear.

Most of them have a large opening.

They can also be used during picnics or other outdoor activities.

They are also ideal to carry your personal effects during the hot weather.

They can also be used as shopping bags.

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Buy Latest Handbags Here At Kilimall Kenya Ranging From Kshs 350