Makeup Boxes For Sale & Price In Kenya

As a woman, you cannot get enough of facial creams, lotions, and make-ups from different brands for a myriad of purposes, so the next best thing that you can do is to buy a makeup box.

These cosmetic boxes and bag organizers will store and organize all your beauty products in one spot reducing any unwanted clutter either on your bathroom counter space or on your dresser.

These boxes are made of material such as acrylic, glass, plastic, and even metal.

If you have dozens of nail polishes, hair rollers, lipsticks, wigs, and eyeliners that are overflowing from cabinet drawers, it is time to keep all the items properly stored and organized. Their price ranges according to their sizes and brands.

Price & Availability

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Large Professional Makeup Boxes

Large professional makeup boxes are great for those with a large number of cosmetics including salon professionals and makeup artists. Large cases are increasingly becoming very popular due to the desire to be more organized in order to allow ease of access to help cope with busy lifestyles.

If you are the type of woman who is an organization freak, these large boxes can be a real lifesaver.

These cosmetic cases come in a compact design but have large storage capacity that helps to keep plenty of beauty products at one place. Most of them usually come with wheels for easy portability.

These large makeup cases are a must-have item for people on the go to protect their cosmetics as they travel from one place to another.

Most of these cases are usually designed with closure features such as locks and latches. They are therefore ideal for transporting your cosmetic items in a safe and secure manner.

Most of them come with pull-out trays or removable drawers that will help you to organize many of your products by their category providing the convenience of locating what you require in a second.Their exterior is usually constructed with aluminum, leather or plastic material, while the interior is usually lined with soft material such as velvet.

A spacious and deep storage compartment is usually located below these trays where large items such as bottles, shaving machines and brushes can be organized. Some of them are fitted with mirror and lights making them perfect for those who want to view themselves during their own application.

You can find these cases in various sizes and shapes.

If you choose a large carry on case, make sure that it has been constructed with sturdy base and that the handles are strong. You might also want to check the insulation feature, to ensure that your cosmetics are protected from melting due to high temperature.

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Acrylic Makeup Box Organizer

A lot of women prefer clear Acrylic Makeup organizers with drawers because they have plenty of storage room for all their makeup collection.

If you are the type of woman who is never contented with just a blush on and lipstick, these Acrylic makeup boxes usually offer the benefit of having just one storage tower for all of your stuff.

Some of them come with large capacity where one unit is adequate for organizing all your cosmetics. They can hold jewelries, facial, nail & foot care tools and shaving accessories. They are normally a great relief for any overfilled counter areas or cabinet drawers.

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Most of these acrylic cosmetic organizers come in compact sizes but with generous storage capacity including removable drawers for easy cleanup and organization. These are a great space saver in whichever area you decide to use them because they normally help in clearing the counter area for other use.

These organizers are made of durable and clear acrylic material which helps to provide storage that is both transparent and durable. This type of storage is very beneficial for many women because of the varied applications, for instance, clear drawers make it very easy to find your beauty products.

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What To Consider When Buying A Makeup Box

You should choose a design depending on the kind of things that you want to organize.

Since they are available in different styles and sizes, your first move should be to check over the things that you have and then envision how you want them to appear once organized.

This will give you an idea on the right size and the right number of trays, baskets or drawers that you might need. Depending on your needs, you can choose different styles and sizes for your lipstick and hairbrushes.

You can opt for smaller boxes to organize items such as your cosmetic, hair accessories, lipsticks, liners, eye shadows and even bathroom supplies.

A large organizer will help you arrange your stuff according to sizes or needs and gives you the advantage of having all your beauty products in one location.

Use these organizers to keep your bathroom counter neat and well organized.

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