Maternity Dresses & Tops For Sale In Kenya

Maternity dresses are uniquely designed to offer extra room and flexibility required to accommodate a growing belly and bust area.

Maternity wear includes a wide range of clothes, dresses, t-shirts, lingerie, trousers/pants, tights/leggings and tops .

These clothes are usually light and comfortable.

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Maternity Dresses

Most Maternity Dresses feature fitted bodice and usually flare out from the bust-line especially those featuring A-Line Silhouette.

Some of them are tight fitting but stretchy.

Stretchy fabrics for instance lycra and cotton jersey are ideal as they do offer comfort at all times.

Breathable, soft fabrics help to keep moisture away from the skin in order to reduce any itchiness and rashes.

Maternity dresses are available for both formal and casual wear.

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Maternity Tops

Maternity tops usually flare downwards just below the bust line.

They are available as T-shirt tops and more formal tops and blouses.

They are best paired with pants, leggings and ankle or thigh high boots.

These tops are feminine, attractive and dressy.

They also showcase the belly by wrapping around it.

They come in a variety of different patterns.

Ideal for social engagements.

You can also wear them when running some errands in town.

Pants/Tights/ Leggings

Pants, tights and leggings provide an easy fit and unrestricted movement.

Tights and leggings are ideal for cold weather so as to keep you warm.

They are usually comfortable and stretchy.

Some pants are designed to stretch over the belly.

Others usually fit underneath the belly.

Skinny jeans are also available featuring tight legs and a stretchy belly area.

They are best paired with maternity tops.

Maternity Lingerie

Maternity lingerie includes bra and underwear.

Maternity bra should be well fitting but roomy or stretchy enough to allow your breasts to grow.

Cotton bras are ideal especially for women experiencing itching around the nipples.

An ideal underwear should have extra flexibility around the waistline to allow for your expanding tummy.

Maternity underwear usually feature under-the-bump waistband or over-the-bump waistband.

Tips When Buying Maternity Clothes

Choose soft, stretchy and breathable fabric.

Pick clothes that offer comfort and flexibility.

When buying dresses, bear in mind that free flowing dresses are comfortable, feminine and attractive.

Avoid transparent clothes likely to expose stretch marks or other imperfections.

Choose long blouses and avoid short styles.

Buy clothes that are easy to wear.

Avoid clothes with elastics that may clinch tightly on your skin causing discomfort.

Avoid short dresses since the expanding belly may alter the length of your dress.

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