Picture Photo Frames For Sale & Price In Kenya

Picture Photo Frames allows you to display photos, art prints and paintings in the office, in your house and other spaces.

Digital picture frames help in displaying digital photos.

These frames usually come in different styles, colors, sizes and shapes. They are also constructed with different type of materials.

You can either hang the frame on the wall or have it placed on a desk or table.

These photo frames usually make great gifts and home decorative pieces.

Price & Availability

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What To Look Out For When Buying A Picture Photo Frame

Frame Material

Picture frames are made of a different materials ranging from wood, glass, acrylic, aluminium and plastic. Choose the appropriate material that will fit and complement well with the surrounding decor.

Frame Design/Shape

Picture frames come in different shapes and designs. Some are oval shaped, square-shaped, rectangular among others. Some modern contemporary designs include the floating frames and the frame-less design.

Determine your preferred design or shape.

Size of The Frame

Picture frames come in different sizes. Always choose a larger size than the photo or the painting that you are looking to frame. For digital frames, take into consideration the screen size and resolution.

Intended Location

Take into consideration the location and color of the area that you intend to position or hang your frame. Choose a frame that matches with other frames or with the surrounding.

Connectivity features For Digital Frames

Digital Frames are designed to support various connectivity features ranging from USB, Bluetooth and Ethernet connection. Others also support memory card for extra storage. Check to ensure that the frame is compatible with your camera or computer to enable transfer of photos to the digital photo frame.

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