Pressure Cooker For Sale & Price In Kenya

pressure-cookerA Pressure Cooker speeds up the cooking process and helps in retaining more minerals and vitamins.

You can boil, roast, steam and also make stew with a pressure cooker.

In addition some of the electric pressure cookers are multi-functional with additional features and can be used as rice cookers or as a slow cooker.

They come as electric and as stove-top cookers. They are made of aluminum or stainless steel material.

They are available in a variety of sizes, design and capacity.

Price & Availability

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Armco Electric Multi-function Pressure Cooker

armco-electric-multifunction-pressure-cookerMulti purpose cooker
Automatic menu settings
Power failure memory
Time saving
Power efficient
Nutrition retention
Power: 1000 Wattage
Capacity: 6 Liter
Work Pressure: 0.70kpa
Limited Pressure: 90 kpa
Keep warm Temperature: 60-80°C
Preset Timer: 1 to 9 hours

Price: KSh 7,995 View/Buy Now

Skyland Pressure Cooker

skyland-pressure-cookerExplosion Proof
Safety locking lid
9 Liters
High quality aluminum material
High-grade polished finishing
Working pressure: 55kpa
Security pressure:70-90kpa
2 handles
1 pressure knob
Available in a variety of sizes.

Price: KSh 2.777 View/Buy Now

Sayona SPC100 Model

sayona-spc100-electric-pressure-rice-cookerElectric Pressure & Rice Cooker
1000 Wattage
6 Liters
Pressure relief
Non-stick coating inner pot
Temperature protection device
Keep warm function
Lid on off safety
Milting device
Energy efficient design

Price: KSh 6,445 View/Buy Now

Flatline Pressure cooker

flatline-pressure-cooker4 Liter
Stainless Steel
3 Step Locking system
Handles covered with stainless steel
The base can be used for regular cooking without the pressure lid
Triplex heavy bounded base.
High polished attractive exterior surface.
Stylish semi brush surface

Price: KSh 3,300 View/Buy Now

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What To Consider When Buying A Pressure Cooker

Electric Versus Stove-top

Stove-top cookers are powerful and faster. Electric pressure cookers are convenient and durable.


Pressure cooker capacity varies from 4, 6, 8, and over 10 liters. A large sized cooker is ideal for larger families.

Aluminum vs Stainless Steel

Most electric pressure cookers feature an outer casing made of thermal-resistant plastic, and stainless steel inner pot.

Stove top designs come in aluminum or stainless steel material.

Aluminum pressure cookers are affordable, lightweight and good conductors of heat. Stainless steel material is usually heavy and more durable.

Multi-functional Design

A multi-functional design is capable of performing additional functions apart from standard cooking.


Get a cooker with large, ergonomic handles on both sides for easier handling when hot.

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