Portable & Mini Projectors For Sale & Price In Kenya – Epson, Sony

Projector in KenyaProjectors are a must have device for offices, businesses and homes that host HD movies.

They are available as business projectors and as home theater projectors.

A projector will allow you to share pictures, presentations, documents and videos using a white wall or a screen.

These projectors differ in their features, sizes and design. 

Price & Availability

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Types of Projectors

Mini Projectors

Mini Projectors are convenient to carry and ideal for home use. They feature a lightweight and portable design.

These projectors will allow you to watch High Definition movies at home and form part of the Home theater system.

Most of the home projectors are compatible with HD Video formats, and HD Video sources including gaming systems and  Blu-Ray players.

Mini LED Projector

LED/LCD Technology

Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels

Contrast Ratio: 400 : 1

Full HD 1080P

Connectivity Interface: HDMI, Micro USB, SD Card Slot, TV, USB, VGA.

Can support DVD, X-box, PS4, mobile phone

Price: KSh 3,699 View/Buy Now


Excelvan Portable Mini Multimedia Projector

LED/LCD Technology

Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels

Contrast Ratio: 800 : 1

400 lumens

Connectivity Interface: HDMI, VGA,USB, AV, SD.

Up to 20,000 hours LED lamp life and lower power consumption

Speakers built-in projector

Price: KSh 3,699 View/Buy Now

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Business Projectors

Business projectors are ideal for those making power-point presentations during business meetings or for use during education lectures. These business projectors come in compact, portable sizes for convenience when travelling from one place to another.

Types Of Business Projectors Available

Liquid Crystal Display-LCD Projectors

Most LCD projectors use the 3LCD technology delivering sharp, high-quality images especially for data presentations and detailed graphs. These projectors operate quietly and are more energy efficient. They also work well in large rooms.

These are designed to provide great output even in rooms that are well-lit.

Portable LCD Projector

Epson EB-965H - Portable 3LCD ProjectorLCD Technology

Contrast Ratio: 10,000 : 1

3500 lumens

Connectivity Interface: USB 2.0, HDMI, VGA In/Out

Focus: Manual

Lens: Optical

Price: KSh 18,578 View/Buy Now

 Desktop Projector

Sony XGA Desktop ProjectorDisplay Type: LCD

Light Output: 2300 Lumens


Compact and lightweight weighing 2.5 kg

Long-lasting lamp of 10,000 hours


HDMI, Video & audio input connector

Price: KSh 8,000 View/Buy Now

EB-X27 2700 lumens Versatile Projector

Epson EB-X27 2700 lumens Versatile ProjectorLCD Technology

Contrast Ratio: 10,000 : 1

Light Output: 2700 lumens

Connectivity Interface: USB 2.0, HDMI, VGA In/Out

Lens: Optical

Big screen up to 300 inches

Wired network ready

Price: KSh 22,584 View/Buy Now

LED Projectors

LED projectors allows you to enjoy clear images. They are also more energy efficient since their light-source is light-emitting diodes instead of a light bulb. They are also effective when it comes to color control.

Oley H2 LED Projector

Oley H2 LED ProjectorLamp Type:120W LED

Resolution:1366 x 768

Built-in Speakers

Lamp Life:50,000 hours

1080P Full HD HDMI Input

Built-in Analog TV Tuner

Internal 8G Memory

Price: KSh 7,800 View/Buy Now

Digital Light Processing – (DLP) Projectors

Digital light processing projectors usually deliver high color contrast and deep blacks. They are available in compact and lightweight designs. Some of them come as hand-held units. They are also easier to maintain and ideal for making presentation to smaller groups.

Nobo M2 Mini Projector

Nobo M2 Mini ProjectorDLP projection technology

20,000 hour LED Lamp

4GB internal memory

Lightweight Magnesium alloy casing

Built-in Speaker

Rechargeable Li-on battery providing up to 90 minutes use

VGA connectivity for laptops

Price: KSh 22,424 View/Buy Now

Laser Powered Projectors

Laser projectors provide consistency both in brightness and color. These projectors use laser light engines which are cheaper to maintain than bulbs that require replacement. Laser powered projectors are expensive compared to others.

Projectors With Hybrid Technology

Hybrid Projectors are powered by a combination of light sources.

Some of them have both LEDs and laser as their light source and are capable of generating high brightness. These projectors are economical to operate.

 2500 Lumens Projector

Casio 2500 Lumens ProjectorType: Laser and LED hybrid technology

Light Output: 2500 Lumens

Operating hours: Aprox. 20,000 hours

2X Power Zoom Lens

Built-in HDMI input, USB Port,

Economical to operate

Slim design

Weight: 5 pounds

Price: KSh 45,000 View/Buy Now

Features To Consider When Buying A Projector


Before buying a projector, check the brightness rating that is usually indicated as lumens. If you are looking for a brighter projector, get one with higher lumens rating.

Portability & Weight

If you are a business professional, always traveling with your projector, you should choose a design that is portable and lightweight.


A projector with higher resolution comes with the capability of displaying more picture detail. If you are interested in being able to accurately display even the smallest details, the best option is to choose a projector with high resolution.

Connectivity Interface

Choose a projector that offers different connectivity interface options be it USB, HDMI, VGA, among others.

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