Quadcopters For Sale & Price In Kenya

Quadcopters are controlled by 4 rotors and often used for recreational purposes. You can use them to fly around your yard for fun.

They are popular among flight-hobbyists, kids and students.

Some of them are fitted with cameras for capturing aerial videos or photographs.

There are different models available. Some are designed for both indoor use and outdoor use.

There are basic cheap models for beginners and high-end expensive models for the experts. They come in large and small sizes.

Price & Availability

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Types of Quadcopters

Mini Quadcopters

Mini Quad copters are small in size and can be used for indoor flights. They are simple to handle and can be used by children.

Quadcopters for Aerial photography

Quadcopters for Aerial photography have built in High-definition camera for capturing stunning videos and pictures from the sky. These are ideal for commercial use.

FPV Quadcopters

FPV Quadcopters have First-person view-ability feature allowing you to see exactly what the drone sees from the sky. They have mounting surfaces for action cameras and extra electronics. These are advanced models that are more expensive than the regular models.

Features To Look Out For When Buying Quadcopters

Camera Resolution

Some Quadcopters are fitted with cameras of varying resolution. High definition cameras will deliver clearer images.

Flying Time

Quadcopters come with different flying time depending on their battery life. The average flying time in most of them is seven minutes.

FPV Camera feature

A Quadcopter fitted with FPV camera feature will enable real-time monitoring.

Flight Distance

Some of the quadcopters cover a longer distance or about 100 meters while others cover shorter distances of about 50 meters.

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