Rechargeable Standing Fan For Sale & Price In Kenya

Rechargeable Standing fans have become popular because of their convenience and ease of portability.

They are also a cheap alternative for those who cannot afford expensive air-conditioners.

Standing designs also known as Pedestal fans usually have high-velocity air output, perfect for cooling large rooms.

Price & Availability

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They usually have a sturdy base and because of their portability feature, they can be moved from one room to another.

These fans are available in different sizes and come with different features.

Some have adjustable heights. Others are remote controlled.

Most of them feature 2 to 3 rotating blades that circulate air around the room. Those with tilting action usually direct the flow of the cool air exactly where you want it.

Most of them also have oscillating feature to ensure enhanced air distribution.

Types of Standing Fans

Electric Fans

Electric Fans are the most popular and also cheaply priced. This type of fans have to be plugged in an outlet for them to function.

Rechargeable designs

These type of fans come with rechargeable batteries, making them ideal for use at night especially during power outages or when camping or during other outdoor activities. They are designed to recharge as they circulate the air and usually switch to battery mode whenever there is power outage.

Mist Type of Fans

Mist standing fans are designed to blow fine mist of water into the hot air and as the mist evaporates, it takes heat from the air with it. These are great for areas where there are children playing as it will help them to keep cool and well hydrated. They are also ideal for enclosed pet areas and outdoor areas such as patios and backyards.

Remote Controlled Designs

Remote controlled designs allows you to operate the fan from a distance with the ultimate convenience whether in bed or when relaxing on your sofa.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Pedestal Fans

These Industrial Pedestal fans are designed to provide powerful optimum air circulation and cooling for large areas such as warehouses, industrial kitchens, stores, garages, factories or offices.

Buy Rechargeable Standing Fans Here At Kilimall Kenya