Room Heater For Sale & Price In Kenya

room-heaterA Room Heater helps to warm an extra-chilly room in order to create ideal atmospheric temperature for your loved ones.

Room heaters come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Some heaters, for instance are designed for enclosed areas in the office or in the house.

Others are designed for outdoor use in the patio or other areas.

Portable heaters allows you to heat different areas of your house or apartment.

Price & Availability

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Fan Heaters

Fan heaters are ideal as personal heaters. They have a fan that helps to pass the chilly air through a heat source. This helps to heat up the cold air. This design is perfect for heating enclosed spaces for instance bedrooms or living rooms.

MIKA MH101 Fan Heater

mika-mh101-fan-heater2 settings
Rapid heating
Energy Efficient
Enhanced Safety
Compact design
Plastic material
White in color
Indicator light
Tip-over safety switch

Price: KSh 2,195 View/Buy


DeLonghi HVY1030 Fan Heater

delonghi-hvy1030-fan-heaterVertical Upright design
2kW heat output
2000 watts
2 heat settings
Adjustable thermostat
Frost protection
Overheat safety protection
Double insulation
Curved design in white

Price: KSh 4,195 View/Buy


Ramtons RM/476 – Fan Heater

ramtons-rm476-fan-heater2000 Watts
2 heat settings
Adjustable Thermostat
IPX3, can be used in bathroom
Thermal cut-off
Integrated Carry handle
Compact design
White in color

Price: KSh 4,995 View/Buy


Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic Heaters are fitted with a thick ceramic shell that surrounds the heating element in order to enhance safety. They provide mild, steady heat. Because of their low operating temperature, they are safe to use in the house. They are also energy efficient.

MIKA MH201 Ceramic Heater


2 settings
750 Wattage
Thermostatic control
Tip-over safety switch
70-degree oscillation
Recessed handle
Easy to carry and portable.
Rapid heating
The ceramic coating on the heating wire increases the life span.
Energy efficient
Enhanced safety

Price: KSh 4,195 View/Buy

Quartz Heaters

Quartz heaters are fitted with flowing tubes that are hidden behind a metal grid. The tubes act as the heating element.

Luxell Nikura LX-2028 – Room Heater

Electric Quartz Heater
1200 watt
Adjustable Thermostat
Overheat Protection
Tip-Over Protection
2 switches for heating elements
Safety switch
Easy to carry

Price: KSh 3,299 View/Buy

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Features To Look Out For When Buying A Room Heater

Tip-over Protection Feature

Most heaters have tip-over protection feature that come as safety switches that help to switch the heater off once it falls or tips over.

Energy Efficiency

A heater that is energy efficient usually operates at a hundred percent efficiency, producing more heat while saving power cost.

Adjustable Thermostat Setting

Adjustable thermostat setting allows the user to choose how warm or hot they want the air around them to be.

Integrated Handle

Units with in-built handles are portable and easy to carry.

Easy To Operate

Heaters with simple settings and features are very easy to use.

Oscillation Feature

Units with Oscillation feature usually turn from side to side in order to distribute hot air evenly so as to heat up the room faster.

Overheat Shut-Off Mechanism

Overheat cut-off mechanism is a safety feature that helps to prevent overheating.

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