Self-Balancing Electric Scooters & Hoverboards For Sale & Price In Kenya

Self-Balancing Electric Scooters & Hoverboards are a smart and easy way to move around.

They are great for short-distance travel, bringing convenience to every day life and business. They are also used by children as ride-on toys.

They are ideal for urban living and are mostly used during outdoor activities.

You can use them for fun and sporting activities, including when buying grocery or when visiting Shopping Malls.

They come as two-wheels scooter or as one wheel scooter.

Most of them are battery-powered and require very low maintenance.

Price & Availability

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Here Are Some Available 

Dual Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Two Smart Motors for Easy and Stable Balancing

Safe and Easy to Use

4400mAh LG Battery covers 15 to 20km per charge

Two 350 Watt electric motors

Speeds up to 10 kmph

7 Inch Non inflatable hollow tire

15 Degree Safe Climbing Angle

Max Load: 100kg

Price: KSh 13,999 Buy Now

Two Wheels Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

4.5 inch dual wheels

Two 250 Watt electric motors

2200mAh LG battery

15 Degree Safe Climbing Angle

Innovative power-saving standby mode

Speeds up to 6 kmph

Max Load: 60kg

Non Slip pedals

Price: KSh 11,999 Buy Now

Smart Electric Unicycle Scooter

15 Degree Safe Climbing Angle

Speeds up to 5 kmph

Two 250 Watt electric motors

2200mAh LG battery

Innovative Power-Saving Standby Mode

Robust housing

Suitable for various ground terrain

Max Load: 60kg

Price: KSh 24,804 Buy Now

Features To Look Out For When Buying Hover-boards

Battery Capacity

Hover-boards come with varying battery capacity. An electric scooter with large capacity battery will cover a long distance before recharging.

Motor Power

An electric scooter with powerful motor will definitely operate smoothly.


Hover-boards with robust housing are durable and perfect for a variety of ground terrain, such as grass, gravel, etc. Those equipped with anti-slip foot grip are ideal and and safe for children. Lightweight Hover-boards are easy to carry along and also easy to maneuver.

Maximum Load Weight

Since Hover boards come with maximum load weight, ensure that your preferred unit can be able to accommodate your weight.

Always remember to wear protective gear such as helmet, knee pads and elbow pads when using hover-boards.

Buy Self-Balancing Electric Scooters Here At Kilimall Kenya