Best Selfie Sticks For Sale & Price In Kenya

Selfie StickSelfie sticks have become popular today as the need to share images and videos become the norm.

A selfie stick will allow you to capture high or low-angled photographs using your Smartphone.

These monopods are ideal for capturing an amazing background or a huge group of people.

They are perfect for taking selfies or videos as you travel, during sightseeing, weddings, on a night out, on the beach, or during a party/festival.

There are different brands and designs available with a wide range of features.

Price & Availability

Find Selfie Sticks Here At Kilimall Kenya Ranging From Kshs 100.

Most of the selfie-sticks come as handheld metal rods with smartphone holder/clamp located at one end to hold the smartphone.

Most of them feature lightweight aluminum construction.

Here Is A List of Popular Designs Available At Kilimall Kenya

Snapme Selfie Stick

Snapme Selfie StickLight weight & Expandable

Extends up to 95 cm

Adjustable phone holder

Fits all phone widths between 5.6cm – 8.5cm

Button on stick to control camera on your phone.

Soft foam handle grip.

Easy to carry

Price: KSh 299 Buy Now

Jack Selfie-Booth

Jack selfie-boothAluminum alloy Material

Lightweight design

With remote button on the stick

Extends to 100cm

Closes to 20cm

Adjustable phone/camera holder

Adjustable clip size: 5.2 – 8 cm

Jack: 3.5mm audio plug

Price: KSh 411 Buy Now

IWill Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Bluetooth Selfie StickCompatible with most smartphones

Aluminum alloy Material

Extends to 108cm

Closes to 20cm

Adjustable clip size: 5.2 – 8 cm

Jack: 3.5mm audio plug

Remote button on the stick

Price: KSh 399 Buy Now

Mini Selfie Stick

Mini Selfie StickAluminum alloy Material

Extends to 60cm

Closes to 20cm

Adjustable clip size: 5.2 – 8 cm

Jack: 3.5mm audio plug

Remote button on the stick

Price: KSh 151 Buy Now

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What Features To Consider When Buying A Selfie-Stick


Selfie-sticks usually connect to your Smartphone either via Bluetooth or Cable mounted on the phone. Depending on your preference and type of Smartphone, it is important to choose either a Bluetooth-controlled Selfie Stick or the cable option.


Selfie sticks come in different designs. It is therefore important to ensure that your preferred design is compatible with your Smartphone and that the size of the mount/clamp for the phone, will be able to fit your phone. You can also choose a color that will perfectly match with the color of your Smartphone.


If you intend to carry your stick in your purse, backpack or bag, it is advisable to pick a fold-able design that is easy to carry.

Adjustable Phone Holder

An adjustable phone holder able to rotate up to 180 degrees will allow you to take a wide-range of selfies at various angles.

Ease of use

Check for features that will make the stick easy to use and operate. Ensure that the type of handle is comfortable to use. Lightweight designs are also easy to operate.

Total Reach

An ideal selfie stick should extend further away from you. It is important to determine how far you would like your stick to extend. It is advisable to choose designs that are able to extend beyond 60 to 70 cm and able to close up to 20 cm.

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