Solar Chargers For Sale & Price In Kenya

Solar Chargers are ideal for emergency use especially during power cuts.

These chargers are portable and used for indoor activities in areas without electricity supply.

They are also used during outdoor activities such as camping, picnics and parties.

These chargers can be used to charge Smartphones, tablets, lamps and other USB-supported devices.

Most of them do come with USB Output Interface.

Price & Availability

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Types of Solar Charges

Flexible Panels

Flexible panels are made of thin film solar cells. They are lightweight flexible and fold-able in design.

Solar Power Banks

Features To Take Into Consideration When Buying Solar Charger


A portable charger should be lightweight and compact in size. It should be easy to pack and easy to carry along in your backpack or in a tote bag. Foldable solar panel chargers are easy to carry around.

Ease Of Use

Choose a charger that is easy to setup and operate.


Chargers with waterproof and rugged features are ideal for use in harsh weather conditions. Other solar panels have ultra thin design that is easy to carry during outdoor activities. Chargers with shock-resistant and dust proof features are ideal for use in construction sites, during sporting activities such as cycling.

Number of USB Ports

A charger with more than one USB port makes it possible to charge more than one device at a time.

Extra Features

Some of these solar chargers come with other handy features such as LED light for use as flashlight during the night.

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