Standing Salon Hooded Hair Dryers For Sale & Price In Kenya

There are different Standing Salon Hooded Hair Dryers models available in the market at an affordable price.

These hair dryers are ideal for saloon and home use.

Free-standing dryers compared to handheld dryers require minimal effort and usually deliver better drying results.

Investing in a quality dryer and other hair appliances is an important factor to take into consideration when establishing your saloon business.

Price & Availability

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Standing Hair Dryers

Standing hair dryers come as hooded type of dryers. Most of them feature acrylic or plastic hoods.

These dryers usually come with a full range of heat settings and have also been designed to withstand regular use.

They usually provide hands-free, quick hair-drying experience. They can also be used for different hair treatment processes and for setting permed hair.

What To Take Into Consideration When Buying A Hair Dryer

Take into consideration the wattage of the dryer you would like to buy. Quality designs should come with wattage of about 1000 watts and above in order to ensure that they have the capability of drying the hair in a short time.

Ionic Function
Take into consideration whether your preferred dryer has ionic function. This is because dryers with ionic function usually emit negative ions that help in trapping moisture in the hair and in eliminating frizz.

Adjustable Temperature Heat Settings
Check if the dryer has varied heat settings to ensure that you can be able to adjust temperature settings depending on the hair type and required task. Higher settings are ideal for drying thick coarse wet hair while lower settings are suitable when styling damp hair to avoid damaging the hair.

Check to ensure that your dryer is fitted with rolling casters for convenience during use and easier movement from one corner to another.

Hood Size
Does the dryer have a hood that will accommodate different styles? It is advisable to choose a design where the hood has an open visor so as to accommodate large hair rollers.

Height Adjustment
To ensure that the dryer will be appropriate for both tall and short body heights, choose a design that has height adjustment feature.

Automatic Shutoff Feature
Pick a dryer with automatic shutoff feature which acts as a good protective measure to prevent overheating.

Length Of The Power Cord
A suitable dryer should come with a power cord that is at least 8 feet or 2.5 meters long to ensure extended reach, ease of operation and smooth mobility.

Timer Setting
Most dryers usually come with timer settings of up to 60 minutes.
The convenience that comes with the timer feature is usually notable as it allows you to handle other tasks eliminating the need to constantly watch the clock.

Structural Design
If you are choosing a suitable unit for saloon use, it is important to select one that is light in design to allow for smooth and easier handling. Ensure the stand is sturdy and the base is wide enough to support the weight of the hood.

Buy Hair Dryer Here At Kilimall Kenya Ranging From Kshs 600