Surge Protectors, TV & Fridge Guards For Sale & Price In Kenya

Surge Protectors including TV and Fridge Guards have been designed to protect electronic devices from damaging power spikes and surges.

These surge suppressors protect electronic gadgets and appliances from sudden voltage fluctuations or low-level spikes.

A surge protector protects devices such as refrigerators, computers, appliances, printers, televisions, home theaters, sound systems and many others.

They come in different types and sizes.

Price & Availability

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Types of Surge Protectors

Wall-Mount Surge Protectors

Wall-mount surge-protectors are compact in design and great space savers. They feature one to four ports. They do not have a power cord and usually plug directly in to the AC power outlet.

Power Strip Surge Protectors

Power strip surge protector guards have multiple ports from six to twelve in number. Their power cord is usually long for flexibility.

Whole House Surge Protector

Whole house surge suppressors are connected to the main electrical panel of a building or a house. They are designed to protect all electrical devices in the entire house or building.

What To Consider When Buying Surge Protectors

Wall-mount versus Power Strip Surge Protector

If you are looking to protect one to two devices, then a wall-mounted protector will be appropriate. For multiple devices, surge protection power strip with multiple ports is an ideal choice.

Type of Equipment

Devices come with different protection needs. Check to ensure that the surge suppressor has been designed to meet the amperage requirements of your device. Choose the ideal surge-protector recommended for the equipment that you intend to protect.

Number of Ports

Surge suppressors have different number of ports. Large designs have up to 12 ports while smaller units have one to two ports. Before buying a surge-protector, take into consideration the number of appliances you intend to protect.

Buy Surge Protectors & Fridge Guards Here At Kilimall Kenya From Kshs 400