Thermal Receipt Printers For Sale & Price In Kenya

Thermal Printers are vital tools for receipt, tickets, voucher or slip printing. They are often used in commercial settings at restaurants, grocery stores, library and so on.

There are different types of thermal printers.

Some of them are designed to print in black and white, while others usually print in a number of colors.

Compared to inkjet printers, these thermal printers are usually cheaper in the long run.

Thermal Printers use special thermal paper and are popular because of their quiet, fast operation.

They usually come in various styles, sizes and different price point.

Price & Availability

Buy Thermal Printers Here At Jumia Kenya Ranging From Kshs 1500

What To Consider When Buying A Thermal Printer

Printing Speed

Printing Speed differs from one model to another. A higher speed rating is a factor for consideration especially for busy retail outlets.

Connectivity Options

These printers have both wired and wireless connectivity options. They can connect to monitors via USB or Ethernet connection. Others offer wireless connectivity via WIFI, Bluetooth enabling Android, iOS and Windows printing.


Compact and small handheld printers are ideal for areas with limited counter space such as mobile sales teams.

Receipt Cutting

Receipt printers come with an auto receipt cutter or a manual tear bar. An auto cutter is convenient for fast delivery especially in busy retail shops.


Portable printers are ideal for use when located away from the monitor. They are small and lightweight. Most of offer wireless connectivity and usually run on rechargeable batteries.


Always ensure that the thermal printer is compatible with your Computer or Smartphone Operating system or software.

Buy Thermal Printers Here At Jumia Kenya Ranging From Kshs 1500